10 Addictions At Home

No thank you to the pandemic, we have a long distance relationship with getaway plans. Currently, our lives revolve inside the house. By now, we’ve spent too much time inside (and nobody knows for how much longer) that even the introverts are demanding to go outside. 


We have no choice but to settle in, to get ourselves comfortable for the sake of our sanity. It’s up to us to make the house feels more like home. 


Here is the list of things that we love to do:


When we miss sleeping in a nice hotel room,

we decorate our room. A cool vase and dried flowers can go a long way. If you want to go a long way, add a couple of Ikea lights and more decorations, like a Greek statue and a French mirror (there are a lot of affordable versions on Shopee). 

Vase from The Pot Cartel.


Dried flowers from Ikat by Mari



When we feel anxious,

we roll these essential oil rollers from Klen and Kind on our wrists. To be honest, we don’t know how effective it is, but smelling its calming scent sure calms our nerves. Our current favorite is Peaceful Sleep. You can get each roller for IDR 100k here



When we miss seeing green things,

we become a crazy plant lady. Sort of. There’s something relaxing and rewarding about taking care and seeing these potted goodies grow. 

We are loving the plants from Kultivar Lokal.



When we miss eating out,

we swap our cutleries to nicer ones. It elevates our dining experience - even eating Indomie feels totally different in a good way (we go from warung to fine dining). By the way, if you love smoothie bowl, try eating your homemade version on an actual wooden bowl just like in Bali.

Wooden culteries from Khamma:


Contemporary cutleries Halsa living



When we miss spa in Bali,

we ship Sensatia natural body scrub and body butter all the way from Bali. After pampering ourselves (can’t get enough of their Lemongrass & Mandarin body butter), our bathroom smells like a Balinese SPA. That's our cue to say goodbye to stress. Comparing its value to the real Balinese spa (not the same, but it's the next best thing), it's very affordable, especially if you catch it during the promo period.



When we miss breathing outside air,

we walk/bike around the neighborhood, wearing this denim it-bucket hat and its detachable face shield. 



When we miss going to concerts,

we watch this brand new Taylor Swift live video: 


When we miss dressing up,

we wear lounge wears, which was designed for comfort and freedom of movement. We pick the ones with the collar when we need zoom-meeting approved look. 



When we’re feeling stuck,

we run to art. Painting this numbered paint kit by Paint Inc. feels so refreshing. It makes a really nice room decor that we’re proud of. Only IDR 100k per painting.



When we need to laugh,

we turn on Netflix and watch these comedies:

Never got bored of watching Friends. What a classic.

This Golden Globe Winning cop series Brooklyn 99 is just as hilarious and heartwarming. 

Jason Leong’s Netflix special stand up comedy is totally relatable, probably because he’s from Malaysia. 


Written by Helena Natasha.

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