10 Addictions: Making Your September Appealing Yet Amusing

7 words deadline story: summer ends in a few weeks. Everything interesting is rushing to catch the summer sun and fun. To sum it all, we’ve listed 10 things to get hooked by this early September:


  1. Cold pressed juice. Everyone kept saying, “It’s totally fresher and organic. I feel so healthy,” like it’s their mantra between sipping their cold pressed juice detoxes. Wondering if the hype is real, we asked our know-everything expert, Google. Our answer: the researchers online still can’t make up their minds to agree on a solution. Pro-pressed said it’s healthier and the shelf life is longer. Contra-pressed told us to forget about the juice—the nutritious fruit cells are broken down to the extreme and the sugar is polluting our bodies. Regardless the controversy, tasting the juices is still fun. The fruit combinations are killing it.

You find find cold pressed juice here:


Outlets: Jl. Tebet Barat Raya no. 49 C and Jalan Flamboyan No.19 Rempoa, Jakarta Selatan

Phone: 085959662888, 087882005070


Outlets: Gandaria City, Kota Kasablanka, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Mall Alam Sutra, Plaza Indonesia, Sequis Center

Delivery hotline: +628111-735883 (Mon-Fri 9am-8pm, Sat-Sun 9am-7pm)


SMS/ Whatsapp/ LINE contact: 082110112800


Store: The Bellezza Shopping Arcade

Whatsapp contact: 081-77-62533

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  1. ET possibility. The world of Starwars, Startrek and other Star-things might come true in the upcoming centuries. A few days ago, scientists found Proxima B, a potentially habitable planet (https://www.theguardian.com/science/2016/aug/27/proxima-b-could-we-live-on-this-newly-found-planet-or-could-something-else). The 1.3-times-Earth-sized-planet might have water. Proxima B is not alone—there are other similar planets in habitable zone. Scientist are still investigating.


  1. Retouching face pencils: the savior of your lazy non-foundation days!  This magic pencil covers dark and red spots with a matte finish. The best part: it comes with SPF. So, you’d be less worried about the sun burning your skin.


  1. This tune: High Tide by Creaky Jackals feat. WILD. The perfect soundtrack to everything—from late night driving to getting morning hair done.


  1. Natural hair moisturizer: overnight coconut milk hair mask—just what our sun-frayed hair needed. Quite simple! Mix 2 tablespoons of coconut milk with 2 drops of lavender oil. Before bed, apply from roots to edges. Then, put on shower cap. First thing you wake up, shower and shampoo. Done.


  1. Warm sand on your feet. The feels.


  1. Choker. The 90s, 40s, late 800’s trend is back. Flash inspiration to answer your, “What shall I wear it with?” question: anything with deep cut over your chest, especially V-neck. Combining choker with your off-shoulders looks wonderful too. Check out our choker collection! 


  1. KFC extra crispy….…sunscreen. Not a prank, surprisingly. KFC team set up a legit website with a funny advertising video (https://www.kfc.com/extra-crispy-sunscreen/). They handed 3,000 bottles aromatic sunscreen (with real SPF 30) for free. They were out of bottles in a few days and had to restock—meaning, there are thousands of Americans smelling like fried chicken right now. We’re curious about the scent, but we have zero desire to apply the sunscreen to our skin. We aim to smell like sugar and everything nice, not KFC spices.


  1. Clothing that screams, “I’m a warrior!”. So much girl power is happening lately. Ever since Wonder Woman trailer slays our youtube recommended section(and now, watch it again), we’re obsessed with warrior looks—basically everything with brave cutting, bonus points if it’s a little asymmetric. You can power up this look with either collared tops or outer.


  1. Rio Olympics is over now. No more hearing dad shout over the basketball match. No more waiting your country’s flag to appear. No more watching hulla hoops, ribbons and glittery outfits in rhythmic gymnastics. No more reading steamy kicking-out-roommate-to-do-it scandal (yes, we’re talking about Brazilian diver Ingrid Oliveira). PyeongChang 2018 is next!


Written by Helena Natasha.

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