10 Addictions This 2021

Let's recap today's situation with a game. Put your finger down if you:

  • are already vaccinated by now.
  • haven't had the vaccine—too scared after hearing the side effects.
  • desperately want to go on a getaway, but the risk isn't worth it (the border is still closed anyway). 
  • are already planning your new outfits for the post social distancing glow-up. 
  • have heard about the chaos in India. The new India mutation has infected a few patients in Indonesia. 
  • have heard about Palestine vs Israel. If you haven't, here's a quick recap. (Hint: trust actual foreign media you actually heard like the New York Times. Last night, I found a hoax posted by local media).
  • just ate lots of Eid cookies. 


How many fingers have you got left? 


We're sure everyone can relate. We've had enough of this new normal. We want the good old normal back, but we can't. 

History said after the last global pandemic (around 100 years ago), the roaring 20s came. That famous Gatsby boom. The party of the century era. This time, let's hope we'll repeat history.


Until then, let's have fun: 



If you miss playing in arcades in Japan, 

you can do it now. In real life. Online. Simply download an app called Toreba and you'd get 5 free plays. It's quite pricey, around IDR 38k per play, but the prize is worth it. The plushies are so big. If you win the prizes, they can ship it to you for free every 1 week.

Tips to win:


If you miss an insanely good one warm soupy meal,

have a hotpot meal at home. We recommend Chong Qing Hotpot (@chongqinghotpot.id). If you like spicy soups, try their mala. If you like gentle, tasty, and healthy, try their bone broth collagen soup. OMG.


If you miss binge-watching unique TV series,

try watching Wandavision on Disneyplus. It tells the story of Wanda from Avengers (timeline: after the last Avenger movie). Every episode is inspired by TV shows from different decades. The plot is unpredictable and heartwarming. FYI, currently, Disneyplus subscription is only IDR 200k per year. So worth it.


If you want to taste iconic dishes that show on series and movies,

you can see how they're made right in this Youtube playlist: 


Did you find something you'd love to recreate?


If you can't focus while working from home,

try using this app: Session. When you start its Pomodoro timer, you can't open your usual distraction (Insta, youtube, etc - you can arrange this on setting). It also comes with white noise that drowns surrounding noise and urges you to reflect each time you did a session. It also reminds you to take a rest, so your chances of burning out is very low. At the end of the day, if you wonder where the time goes (and panicked), you can check the app as it keeps tabs of your work hours. You can try it for free. Download here


If you have some time to kill,

watch videos from Tiktok. Seriously, Tiktok now is different from Tiktok then. It's no longer just dance videos. Now, there's everything for everyone. Do you want to mix drinks? There are tutorial videos for that. Do you want to stay updated with the new cafes? You can find recommendations on Tiktok. Do you want some outfit inspos? Go to #fashiontok. We just created a new account (@wearstatuquo). See you there. 

If you haven't download Tiktok yet, here's the link. 


If you miss dressing up but you don't know where to go,

do your hair, wear this comfy jumpsuit at home, & pair it with your favorite jewelry. Even though you don't go anywhere, it'll boost up your mood. Trust us. 



If you miss listening to music that brings in the good vibe, 

check out our playlist on Spotify.


If you miss your besties,

plan a Pinterest inspired picnic & catch up with them. 

Here's a few ideas:

If none of your besties are into cooking, simply prepare a mat, some flowers, & order food and boba from GoFood, GrabFood, ShopeeFood, or TravelokaEats (a tip: there's a huge sale happening at ShopeeFood & TravelokaEats). 

This collection is perfect for the picnic aesthetic. 


If you miss traveling,

head over to our Instastory highlight to join our virtual travel across Europe.


Written by Helena Natasha.


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