10 Addictions This December

This is the period between Christmas and New Year, exactly when we don’t know what day it is, we don’t know what we should do, and we don’t know who we are.

Holiday season’s almost over, but we’re not ready to get over the holiday.

Beside opening presents, online shopping (year end sale), and attending endless meet-ups, we have all the time to ourselves. Hence, we present you this chill af list of things we’re currently addicted with:



Snacking brownies

December’s the official cheat month. We tell ourselves that whatever we eat in December stays in December. Soooo.. This Marshwood nutcracker brownies is one of the things that we can’t resist. There’s almond, walnut, and chocolate in every bite. 




This chillhop holiday vibe



Lazy-cooking this roast chicken

Easy and delicious. Perfect for the holidays, especially the potluck parties.



Reading Cats review

At first, we’re curious about Cats. Star-studded casts filming a movie based on a Broadway musical? Sign us in. They even went to a cat school where they how to act as cats. When the trailer dropped, we became skeptical, so we read the reviews. The reviews are so savage that they’re hilarious. 





Binge-watching Alexa Chung vlogs

She’s so relatable.



Watching these Asian stand-up comedians



Reading 2020 horoscopes

Read it here. 



Watching this heartwarming video

If you love animals, you’d love this video.



Binge-watching The Witcher

This high-budget Netflix series, which is based on a book series, had just released this late December and already renewed for season 2. It’s one of the highest rated Netflix originals. Everyone we met (all the book readers and the ones who have no clue about the Witcher except the ones who play the game) says it’s good, definitely worth the time to watch. 



Dressing up, eating out

Christmas may be over, but we’re not over it. We’re still dressing up and going to the places where it still feels like Christmas. Boja Eatery is one of them. Just take a look at the decor.



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