10 Addictions This February



Self love is not going on a SPA day, a shopping spree day, nor that getaway weekend. 


The word “self love” is getting thrown around a lot that it lost its meaning. 


Here’s a quick psychology take: self love means fully accepting ourselves, even the embarrassing parts, and taking steps to make ourselves grow and happy. 


It’s doing our jobs not to get things done. We’re doing it because we know it’s good for our being. 


Self love is saying no when we don’t want to. Self love is getting up and doing the things we love. Self love takes us to places. 


When a bad day comes, self love means asking ourselves what we need and actually do it, instead of going through the part where we screw up over and over again. It’s learning to forgive ourselves for something we did and didn’t did. 


These are the small things we do for ourselves this month.



Snacking fruits

It’s sweet and it’s guilt-free. If you know us, you know we like things to be fuss-free. We don’t even go to grocery store and wait in line. We order our fresh fruits online via sayurbox.com. 


Beauty sleep 

We love great night outs, but there are some days when we don’t feel like it. Usually, we just wing it, but now, we say no and wear these cute sleepwears instead




Watching To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before 2

Nowadays, it’s rare to find non-cheesy romcoms. Well, we could predict the plot but the way they deliver it is pretty fresh. It’s adopted from a novel with the same title and the first movie is a hit, so you know it’s legit. This is the second sequel. 

Btw, are you team Peter or team Josh? 


Watching Taylor Swift’s Nexflix Special

Honestly, we watched it because we watched all the good movies on Netflix. We came in, expecting good music, but then we came out feeling empowered by Taylor Swift’s story. If you’re looking for a heartwarming movie, watch this. 


Hearing “The Man”

Speaking of Taylor Swift, her song from her new music video is so relatable.


Jumping in my top 3 challenge

It’s fun answering random questions. Reading our friends’ answers is fun too. We know a lot of new things about them. Thank you to the template maker @  .

P.S. We’re feeling inspired, so we decided to create our own version. Check out our Instagram highlight


Watching Tiktok Videos

Hey, these dances look fun: 


Trying this 60 seconds rule

Glowing skin without spending extra cash? Yes please! Apparently, there’s this famous 60 seconds rule trending all over the internet. Here’s how it goes: cleanse your face for 60 seconds. That’s it. No extra product.

Basically, it’s just reminding us to be mindful when cleaning the face, lightly massaging it to spots that we don’t really think on our usual 15 seconds cleansing. 

Does it work? People claimed that it worked. According to an expert, it’s a maybe. Spending extra seconds massaging it might improve circulation, hence, improve the glow. Read more about this here.


Figuring our which hangover cure myth really works

What works: banana & honey, coconut water, IV

What does not work: sauna, salty chips

Read the complete version here.


Written by Helena Natasha.

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