10 Addictions This Halloween

Halloween is definitely the highlight of October, don’t you think? Everything seemed pretty pale until the Halloween week comes. 


Here are a list of things we do to celebrate:



Haunted houses hopping 

Unfortunately, we can’t make it to this year’s Halloween Horror Nights (We are busy preparing something for you. Stay tuned to our Instastory. *wink)

If we get the chance to travel and spend the Halloween night at Universal Studio Singapore, we’d definitely come to this:

Curse of the Naga

The Haunting of Chalet

[Spoiler alert] The walkthrough, in case you can’t come to USS just like us:

Price: starts from $55

Buy tickets from https://www.halloweenhorrornights.com.sg/



Starbucks’ color-changing cup

Which color do you like the most? Pretty, isn’t it? The color would change when you pour iced water on it. 

If you bring the cup to Starbucks on the 22nd, you’d get 50% off on the drink. 

If you’re interested, get 4 of your friends to buy the cup with you. 1 set comes in 5 different colors. The price for one set is no more than IDR 400k.

You can get it on your nearest Starbucks. 




Michelle Phan’s latest halloween makeup

YES! Finally, after being away for years, Michelle Phan is making a comeback. We miss her and her tutorials. Her newest Halloween tutorial do not disappoint. It’s amazing! We’re definitely adapting her tricks to our Halloween makeup.



Listening to this Niki song on repeat

The acoustic version (we need this on Apple Music, please):



Watching these deep web videos

Dark web is the creepiest part of internet. You can find illegal things from child pornography to recipes to human meat. You can also buy body parts and hire murderers. You know, all those illegal stuffs you definitely don’t want to know. It can’t be accessed by search engine, of course. 

Here are a compilation of dark web videos, presented to you by Indonesian Youtuber Nessie Judge:



Listening to mystery stories

What if your plane take off and never land?



Watching a local horror movie

as the scariest horror movie is the local one (oh, and the ones from Thailand and Japan).

Pengabdi Setan is written and directed by Indonesia’s movie legend Joko Anwar. The movie’s based on an old movie (a 1980 film) that has the same title. 

Apparently, the movie’s so good that it became the highest grossing movie in Indonesia. 

Have you watched it already? If not, here’s the trailer.




Revamping our Instagram Story game

We’re getting bored with same-old superzoom. 


Free apps we love:


If you don’t want to download any app, you can use these tricks: 




Last minute halloween shopping

We’re noting our inspiration from the classics: the greek goddesses and the iconic Audrey Hepburn.




Wearing this affordable sheet mask

We love this 7 Days Mask by Ariul, a Korean brand. They use natural ingredients that helps protect skin from everyday stress (physical and emotional). They have various ingredients to try: lemon, bamboo, tea tree, and more. 

It’s very very affordable. We can get one for less than IDR 20k at Sociolla.


 Photo credit: Sociolla

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