10 Addictions This July

With no long weekends around the corner, this July is the month we get to make the city our playground. As we've been hustling all weekdays, let's not forget to take care of ourselves on the weekends (and in between).


We've listed 10 things that would make the best of your July:

Gold on your face

It sounds magical because it is! It keeps you looking young and keeps your skin free from toxic (*cough Jakarta pollution *cough).

Still thinking of how long your skin was exposed to the sun on your last vacation? This treatment also fights off the damages.


Get this treatment at Lurre Aesthetics (Apartemen Pantai Mutiara Menara Aru, Jakarta)

Check out their Instagram account here.

Book the treatment via WA +6281293718829

Milk bath

What looks good on your feed does not always good for you. Milk bath isn't the case for this. It really does the wonders to your skin (it moisturizes it and makes it glow). Besides, if Cleopatra does this, so do we. Here are the recipes.



Less drama. More life.

More time with real friends = more wonderful support system.

We dare you to unfollow that toxic frenemy. You know who we're talking about. ;)

Trying new things with friends

Our picks:

- soft serve ice cream at Fred PIK

- TWG brunch

- Kuup Boardgame Cafe, Greenville

- wall climbing at Bremga BSD


This detox won't starve you. It's just drinking tea in the morning and night, plus clean eating. That flushes out toxins from the body.  

Get the tea here.



Get your beauty sleep

Having trouble sleeping? This seems hard but try to keep your phone out of reach for like 15 mins before bed. Wearing cute sleepwears always gets us in the mood.



Lazy 4 minutes workout

Enough said.

Light snacking

Believe it or not, our body is engineered to eat in tiny meals throughout the day rather than 3 big meals. It helps the digestive system. If you're feeling guilty of snacking, snack fruits. 



Finding out our Egyptian horoscope, Chinese zodiac, the signs which are compatible with ours, and more here.

Thinking about personal branding

Apparently, it helps our lives. Here's how.


Written by Helena Natasha

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