10 Addictions This March

Not gonna lie. The calendar doesn’t schedule anything fun is happening this month, except the long weekend at the end of the month.

Well, let’s make our own fun:

Playing with Instastory GIF Challenges

They don’t get old anytime soon. Check out the babe who started this trend: Martina.



Vero, anyone?

Yep, it’s the new social media everyone’s been talking about. Think of it as Path meets Instagram. You can recommend or not recommend movies, books, songs, then share any of your pic. And everything will be shown in chronological order. At first, it’s a bit confusing to use, but maybe it’s just us not getting used to it. At our 4th server error, we gave up! Maybe we’ll be back after they fix everything. It’s worth trying.

Download Vero here: android/ios.



Shooting OOTD pictures in new places

Because taking pictures with coffees are getting boring. We are moving to other instagrammable places that aren’t cafes.



Denim on denim

The 90’s are here to stay.

bomb squad aria jacket


Horror movie alert

A fan of horror movies? This one (Veronica) may not be too scary compared with Asian horror movies, but we don’t know why it’s getting a lot of attention. People think of this as the Spanish version of The Conjuring. Watch the trailer here:


Accessories (from Wakanda?)

Ethnic vibes. Wakanda forever!

cross earrings


Cooking for dummies

Back to basics. Ever wonder how to cook the perfect eggs and rice?


Selfie with pets

Are your woofy and meowy camera shy?

The tricks: be patient. Daxon said, “(it could take) anywhere between five minutes to three hours of being in the presence of the animal (to take a selfie). It depends on the animal and how safe it feels. What the photos don’t show is the amount of dirt that ends up on my clothes because of being on the ground. But the results are worth it.” Oh, and also, bribe them with treats.





Camila Cabello's new album

Listen here:


Wearing flowers

Spring is here.

Floral Mexicora Pants


floral mexicora pants

Vintage Fleur Dress

vintage fleur dress black

Festival Flower Crop Top

festival flower crop top


Written by Helena Natasha.

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