10 Addictions This May

In case you haven’t check your calendars yet, we have good news. There will be lots of holidays this month.Well, they are not going to be full-blown festive like Eid Fitri or Christmas. We’re going to have Thursdays off.

We have 2 options: enjoying the break at the city or skipping Friday to go on a getaway. Whichever you choose, we have a list of things to try and be obsessed with this May. Enjoy, girls:

Watching classic musical remakes

Vintage! Our moms used to dance to these, then copy the actress's’ signature looks. Now, they’re making the remakes.


Dirty Dancing

Originally starred by Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze.

Aired on ABC at May 24.



Originally starred by Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta

Already aired, you can watch it here.

Art journaling

Channel your stress in a pretty way. Say hello to your pretty therapy:

Eating pretty things for breakfast

Well, we are what we eat. ;)

Scrubbing, making our skin glitter with….glitter

Now, we can scrub with Frank Body’s Shimmer Scrub. It’s made of made of salt, sugar, Arabica coffee, grape seed oil, vitamin E, and Mica, the closest thing to unicorn dust.


Recreating marble lips

It’s not that hard. All we need is a few different lip shades and a tiny liner brush.

Changing hair colors

Which color suits you? Find out here.

choosinghaircolor 1


Being grateful that we’re not going to Fyre Festival

Dream: being flown to a private Bahamas island to dance to Major Lazer, Tyga, Blink 182, Disclosure and more.

Technology entrepreneur McFarland and rapper Ja Rule actually planned to make this dream come true via Fyre Festival and failed due to a storm, infrastructure failure, and bad management. Stuck on a remote island, the guests received sandwiches instead of promised chef cooked meals. There were no villas present, just disaster tents. The angry festival goers will be refunded and gifted with VIP passes for next year. Read the official statement here.

Discovering new music genres

Your eargasm starts here.

Mix and matching new outfits for weekend getaways

Any weekend getaway doesn’t feel complete without wearing new outfits. So. Celebrating series of long weekends, we are taking the liberty of making sweet deals for you (read: SALE SALE SALE). That way, you can save your money to buy more clothes. You’re welcome.

Making some space (for new clothes) on our wardrobe

Don’t know what to wear in the morning? This trick will sort it out:

Written by Helena Natasha

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