10 Addictions This May

This May is totally random.


It’s totally fun & it has lots to do with self-care. #selflove

It’s going to be a great month.


Here’s your list:

Wearing jeans with lingerie

We may have thought about this. Wardrobe malfunctions aside (that’s what nipple covers are for), isn’t wearing lingerie to public kind of weird? Finally, Kendall Jenner answered our burning question:


We can totally pull this off.

Lovey Dovey Bodysuit




Joining in the facial oil hype


Do you really need it? What are the brands that suit your skin? The answers are in our quick guide here.

Perfecting our no-makeup makeup look

Take better selfies

No more asking your friends to do it for you.

Binge-watching trailers

Remember when Serena, we mean Blake Lively, unfollowed everyone and followed 30 Emily Nelsons, then hid all her Instagram posts but this video:

The trailer seems promising. We can’t wait until it hits the theater this September.


On another note, here’s another great trailer. It must be good as it’s based on a book with the same title “Crazy Rich Asians.” It’s also the first Hollywood movie that has all Asian casts. This movie will come out this August. Check it out:

Listening to NIKI

After Rich Brian, she’s an Indonesian who is discovered by 88Rising (a label which is creating the Avengers of Asian hip hop & pop artists).

She sounds really good. Anyway, Her new EP Zephir drops this month, precisely at the 23rd.

Going to Hogwarts

Your owl has just arrived. Finally.

Here it is: Android / Apple

Riding a caticorn

Figuring out the right bra fit

No more of that poking wire and annoying muffin top. Here’s your guide.

Lace, Lace, and Lace

Selena Gomez’ Met Gala Coach dress reminded us how much we love laces.


Unfortunately, we don’t have enough excuse to wear a sheer lacy dress that long. We don’t go to red carpets and weddings every day. So, here’s our everyday version:


Lacey Dress Set


BATSHEBA Long Lacey Outer



Written by Helena Natasha.

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