10 Addictions This November

Christmas & New Year holiday are 2 months away, but we can already smell the season coming.


Nobody really gives their 100% in December. November is the last productive month, our last chance to make up for what we wished 2018 would be. Let's make the best of it!


Singing along: Bohemian Rhapsody

Seriously, somehow, there's something about Freddie Mercury that makes us love life.


Saying thank you, next to our exes

Take note from Ariana Grande: being thankful of the things we learn and focusing on loving ourselves.


Breathin' and stop listening to the voices in our head




Listening to Victoria's Secret angels advices on confidence

From Kendall Jenner to Behati Prinsloo, from support to facials, take notes from their interview here.  


Managing our energy

No more pushing ourselves to work when we don't feel like it. Only when our energy's full, we're doing the important works (which delivers 80% of the result). It's more effective that way.


Start focusing

This app would help in a fun way. Plus, it helps the environment too.


Having the best days <3

Within seconds of daily input, this app lets you track down your activities and mood. You will know what you do on your best days. Soon, you would be able to recreate them.


Upgrading our work-wears

Personal branding is an investment. Dress the job you want.

Victoria Shirt + Wearstatuquo Basic TrousersVictorian_Shirt__Basic_Trousers

Nile ShirtNile_Shirt

Lincoln Shirt + Francis SkirtLincoln_Shirt__Francis_Skirt


Chilling out

Bear with us for a moment. This might sound like conspiratorial hoax which pings in and out of family group chats. This one is real. Cellphone lights are bad for our skin.  So, yeah, gear up with anti-HEV sunscreens and cut back that late-night Instagram scrolling.


Giving self the gift of travel

Thinking of Rome? It's not as expensive as you think. Here's the realistic budget breakdown.



Written by Helena Natasha.

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