10 Addictions This November

We can’t believe it’s late November already. One month left until 2019 ends!

So far, 2019 has been really good for us. One of the highlights is the collaborations with our girlcrushes. We also got to meet you at bazaars. We had a really great time! We hope you did too. 

Now, holiday season is almost here. We can feel it. We are still up and running to make the best of 2019 before the holiday season fully arrives. Between work, we are starting to shop for our Dec vacation and enjoying little things that have “holiday” written all over it. 

Without further ado, here’s our personal to do list this month that we enjoy:



Watching the AMAs

Basically good performances after good performances. Plus. seeing other celebrities’ reactions is very entertaining. 



Going to the Cinema

These girl-power movies are fun to watch. Leaving the cinema feeling refreshed and empowered is one of the best feelings ever. 



Wearing outers and more outers


…for this is the sweater season. Time to wear those long outers and matching sets.



Watching cheesy holiday movies

Same old predictable plots. Same old heartwarming feeling. Freshly released.

This year, our favorite goes to The Knight Before Christmas.

P.S. It’s available in Netflix.



DNA Testing

Have you ever wondered where your ancestors came from? Do your genes carry diseases? Let us introduce you to 23 and Me, but we think you’ve heard about this from Youtubers or peoples on Reddit. 

Basically, 23 and Me is a company from USA that offers a DNA testing service. It lets you know your ancestry and your health. There’s no blood involved. You just need to spit. There are a LOT of health issues and secrets revealed. 

If you’re interested, now’s your chance to buy it. It’s on holiday sale. The health and ancestry package is only 99 USD (was 199 USD). Unfortunately, they don’t ship to Indonesia. The closest country they ship to is Singapore. You can ship it to your friends who are coming home from Singapore or USA this Christmas and ask them to send it back when they got home. You’ll get the result by late Jan/ early Feb. Just in time to share your finding to your big family on Chinese New Year. 

More details here



Considering of getting a beauty fridge

We’re still not sure if it’s necessary. Basically, it keeps our skincare on its ideal temperature (everyday fridge is colder than ideal), so it prolongs the shelf life. Plus, it won’t leave our skincare smelling like the food we keep next to it as we’d dedicate the fridge for our skincare. Do you think it’s necessary?

By the way, we found one on Tokopedia. The price is IDR 970k. 



Shopping for swimwear


They’re on SALE. Just in time for our next getaway. Price is starting from IDR 180k-ish.




Wearing dainty drop earrings

The elegant touch to our elevated basics. We love the way the earrings sway along as we move.


Star Shower Drop Earrings (was IDR 189k) now IDR 99k.

More accessories here



Planning of taking decent pictures with friends

..which doesn’t  include phone cameras. This art installation comes with a professional photographer, so we don’t have to take turns taking group pictures. 

What: Poze x Mario Photography  

Where: Neo Soho, West Jakarta

How much: starting from IDR 50k

Get the ticket here.




Going to an architecture exhibition

Redefine your house goals & #girlboss office goals here. Andra Matin designs things with meaning that we may not realize before. Get inspired. 

What: Pameran Arsitektur Andra Matin

Where: Galeri Nasional Indonesia

Exhibition period: 27 November - 11 December

Ticket price: free entry

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