10 Addictions This October

Halloween is not only a night. It’s an entire season.


This year, we’re going all out.


Here are the 10 things we’re (about to) addicted to this month:

Eating rabbits and dogs for dessert (we’re kidding)

There are no dog and rabbit meat in the ingredients (of course). The dogs are actually delicious mouses. The rabbits are actually pies. These are two of the too-beautiful-to-eat desserts, yet we heard the taste did not disappoint. They taste pretty great.


P.S. The doggy ones are limited, so come there early.

The cafe’s instagram: @cforcupcakes.coffee

Address: Jl Pluit Karang Utara No. 52


(Wishing a) Halloween dinner at Hogwarts

If you’re a Harry Potter fan, took sorting hat quizzes for several times in your muggle life, you must’ve dream about going to Hogwarts. Your dream is about to come true, but maybe not this Halloween. You’d have to book and pay £240 per person (plus you’d have to be over 18) to enjoy cocktails and canapes before having 2 course dinners in the Great Hall, and a dessert in the Forbidden Forest. This entire Hogwarts dinner is sold out already. Maybe they’d do this again on Christmas and next Halloween.

Location: Warner Bros Studios London


A random tarot reading

Head over here and click the cards.


A legit spell book

Every house' must have! The book includes your ordinary ancient spells, potions, and rituals to see your future, your future husband, communicate with your pet, and more, including the creepier stuffs like summon the dead. Available to buy here.



Hearing ghost stories

Whether we believe in ghost or not, hearing and retelling ghost stories (and also watching horror movies) are a fun sleepover activity. It’s an Indonesian thing.

A couple months ago, Joko Anwar released a reboot of the scariest Indonesian horror movie called Pengabdi Setan. It got so popular that the internet graced us with funny memes.

On an interview with Raditya Dika, Joko Anwar reluctantly retold his supernatural experiences while filming the movies.

Also in this talk, Joko Anwar brought an ancient bell, the iconic bell from the movie. Only after Raditya Dika rang the bell, Joko told him, “Once you rang this bell, something stayed.”

Maybe the bell got so effective. The next video showed Raditya Dika’s wife told us the creepy things she experienced in the house.

Non-frightening Halloween-themed new series


The Curious Creations of Christine McConnel

Where to watch: Netflix

Release date: October 12


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Where to watch: Netflix

Release date: October 26

(Probably going to) Halloween Horror Nights Singapore


A Stranger Things adventure is here. It’s just like in the movies, the journey starts from Will’s iconic house, pass the lab, the Upside Down, and more.


The rest of the rides are Asian-ghost inspired. There’s a Japanese one (The Haunting of Oiwa which sets in Edo Era), Malaysian/Indonesian one (Pontianak/ Kuntilanak), and Chinese ones (Pagoda of Peril and Killumitati, a secret society of Chinese vampires)



Tickets are starting from SGD 53.

Get them here.

Easy Halloween makeup

If you prefer a lighter mood:


Witchy dresses

Styled with wands and pointy hats.


Velvet & Wine Dress



Nolita Dress


Santorini Dress


Adorable black cats

Say meow.


More black cats on Instagram.



Written by Helena Natasha.

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