10 Addictions You’d Love This June

Holiday is almost here. Even though the real vacay is the last week of the month, the vibe is starting to kick in. Everyone starts to gather and relax.


Here are the things we’re happy to do lately:



Slurping cold coconuts

Since they are all over the streets and all over beauty hacks, why not drinking it over and over again?



Planning what to do during family vacations

We’ve listed everything for you from the activities to the places to eat and stay. Check it out here.  

 Family vacay 2


Browsing holiday clothes

Half the fun is the part where we wear new clothes.



Trying every glazy mouse we see

They’re like cake’s lighter sister. We can’t believe how soft the texture is. Plus, they’re not as sweet as they look. So, we don’t feel fat after eating it.




Watching Wonderwoman

Powerful af.


Saving our own necks

Some people craves to enjoy their holiday the fullest that they steal and they’re not afraid to hurt us in doing so. Since pretty girls like you and me are soft targets, we learned a few easy lazy self defense tricks that doesn’t involve going to classes. Skim this. Might save your life someday.


Obsessing over Marina di Camerota

They shot Wonderwoman in that Italian small town. We’re definitely adding this to our bucket list.



Having dinners with friends, desserts first! 

We're nailing these simple dessert recipes.



Feeling more nostalgic

It’s been 10 years since High School Musicals aired. Can’t you believe it? We’d love a HSM reunion. Here’s the second best thing:


Flower lipsticks

We're obsessed with this lipstick! This liptick is all jelly, gold specks, and a tiny flower. It'll give your lips a pinkish tint, which changes along with our body temperature. We can get it here





Written by Helena Natasha

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