10 December Addictions



It’s December. The best time of the year.


Even on early dates, holiday vibes are slipping in.



To make your time more December-ish, here are 10 things to play this season:


1. Headphones on to feel the magical, fairy-tale-ish vibe. Hands down for the best Disney Love Medley. Ever.


2. Getting more holiday vibes, following our 10 December Commandments.



3. Finding the date for annual holiday dinners with friends.

Start now. Chop chop. True, the dinners won’t start until at least the middle of the month. However, finding mutual dates are tricky. By Dec 18th, your friend Icha would probably off to Maldives. By 29th Dec, Kevin would be slurping sobas in Japan. Try Doodle to arrange the date and you won’t have to deal with I can’ts in group chat.


4. Playing secret santa for your best friend.

Get her the gift every girl dreams of: a free shopping spree.


5. Cute cats and dogs in holiday costumes.

If you’re interested in getting your pet one, try Amazon.

Cat christmas costume


6. We've been good all year, why not have cheat days now? Trading our coffee and cakes with hot chocolates and more cakes.  


7. Holiday makeup tutorial by Michelle Phan. Lovin’ the natural glam vibe.


8. 12/12 national online shopping day. Get your credit cards ready.


9. Watching dancing auroras over Icelandic snow.


10. Planning what to do New Year countdown. If you’re planning to BBQ with family/ friends, but doesn’t want to spend the night burning beef, try Stevan Meatshop. Don’t forget the fireworks, girl. If you wish to count 3 2 1 after dining in your favorite restaurant, make sure you reserve early on.


Written by Helena Natasha

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