10 December Commandments

Whether sipping hot chocolates in Hokkaido or hometowns cafes, we agreed on these ways to spend the holiday season:


1. Thou shalt not feel guilty after splurging. You’ve been good all year.

We have a thing that’ll make you go loose this Christmas.


2. Thou shalt dress effortlessly glamorous at all times.

A good day starts with putting on a great outfit.


3. Thou shalt not fret over kissing someone on NY Eve countdown.


4. Thou shalt not skip exercising and making actionable steps to your NY resolution.

Yoga Woods


5. Thou shalt try cooking no-bake desserts with the girls.


6. Thou shalt not keep the dessert uneaten.


7. Thou shalt play secret santa for your best friend.


8. Thou shalt re-download and play your fave holiday playlist.

This would be a great addition:


9. Thou shalt not spend the day Instagram scrolling.


10. Thou shalt ooze the holiday vibe.


Written by Helena Natasha

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