10 February Addictions

We're 1/12 into the year. But, according to a meme, 2018 starts in February. January is just a free trial month.  
It's kinda true! We spent most of our January treating our post-holiday blues and settling back into our lives. 
Everything begins now in February.
Well, ok, here are our top 10 guilty pleasures that make this Feb exciting: 
Learning from Kylie Jenner: how to hide belly 101. No rumor, no nothing, then comes Kylie's baby. We're obsessing on how she hid her belly for months on her IG. The tricks, maybe the clothes and the angles, might come handy when we're feeling bloaty but wanna look fly af in our pics. 
Learning from Kim K: how to handle haters 101. Kim went beyond Snapchat reveals and Instagram comments to give her enemies a message. She sent her enemies heart-shaped chocolates, labeled "bae". They're super huge. That's not all. When you cracked the heart open (and eat the chocolate while you're at it), you'll find her brand new perfume inside
The new it coffee in townAVOCATTO. It's a mix of a shot of espresso and fresh avocado, topped with your choice of chocolate & vanilla ice cream. So good! We order our Avocatto from Kedai Kopi Kulo for IDR 27k, and usually, Go-food delivers it.
Investing in bitcoin? We've heard stories of people buying bitcoin and then waking up the next month as millionaires. A couple months ago, someone important from JP Morgan talked bad stuff about bitcoin and the price went down before went higher than before. A while ago, India raised an alarm and the price went downhill. Thinking of investing? Well, it's quite a risk, but the return would be big. What do you think?
Putting Rich Brian's new album on repeat. It sounds dope. 
Seeing how different eyebrow styles look like on our faces without drawing and erasing them. We just go to this page, find a good lighting, take a pic, and click. That's all. 
Hunting for red outfits
Saving up. We have our own tricks (lazy girls version). 
Trying chocolate recipes
Written by Helena Natasha.

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