10 February Addictions

In February, we’re reminded about love, thanks to Valentine’s day. 


As the best kind of love is self-love, we’re trying to do the things that practice it. 


We came up with a list. Unlike the usual lists, this list isn’t just filled with trends. These are actually the things we’d like to pick up as habits. :)


Here it goes:



Being okay with not traveling around the world all the time

You’re lying if you never thought of quitting your job to travel the world. It’s not as good as it sounds. 

Although traveling is great in so many ways (it opens up our minds, gets us out of our comfort zone, refreshes our lives, and looks fantastic on our Instagram feed), nothing beats the comfort of sleeping in your own bed, not having to think about packing, and having a community. 



Cleaning makeup brushes

We wash our faces every day. Why not clean our brushes regularly as well? (These hacks help A LOT. Stay for a couple tricks in the beginning.)



Learning something new

Do you secretly want to be a chef? Learn from Gordon Ramsay. Do you wish to be a writer? Learn from Dan Brown. A photographer? Learn from Annie Leibovitz. 

Learn from the best of the best from masterclass.com. You get the full access of all lessons only for USD 180 per year. That costs less than your university tuition. 



Adulting (Read: cooking)

Because ordering takeaway every day is not healthy. 

Check out these realistic recipes: 



Start living the life we want (turns out we have the budget all along)

We’re not kidding. List down and count everything you want in life IN DETAIL, from traveling down to your daily snack. From there, you have your monthly expense. You’d start to see that what you want is not as expensive as you think. :) 



This relatable Japanese girl 

“I am becoming the man I’ve always wanted to marry.”



Guilt-free snacking

We have the list right here.



Wearing the color green

Sounds random but it looks so good on everyone and every occasion. 



Schedule a “me time”

Growth is everything, but having a break is required. Stay sane.



This Drunk Elephant

This Drunk Elephant brightening serum is everything. All it takes is just massage a few drops to your skin to boost its natural UV protection (those UV rays feed those dark spots & scars in your face). Its ingredients combat aging too. Also, once you apply it, it will stay active on the skin for up to 72 hours (you can’t wash it and rub it off). USD 80—worth every penny. More details here. 



Written by Helena Natasha.

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