10 Home-Bound Addictions

No more bad news in this article, we swear. 


Sure, there are a lot of things that we can’t do while we’re flattening the curve (raise your hands if you canceled your plans). 


The funny thing is: by staying at home (and also supporting medical front-liners), we help saving the world. 


Let’s have fun while we’re at it.


Non-boring things we do at home:



Make our own iced coffee 

….and cooking these easy recipes. To be honest, we don’t usually cook, but we got bored and we don’t know what to order online anymore. All recipes are very simple (and only requires 3 simple ingredients— no more sunny side up every day!).    


Go-Food these it-foods

After seeing a lot of posts on these rice bowls via Instagram, we are beyond curious. JAJAN di Boja (Pluit) is new, but since the first day they officially open, the hype is truly real. It is approved by the internet. The menus: Aburi Salmon Menta-i Bowl (the most popular one), Crispy Pork Belly, Chongqing Chicken (mala), and Braised Beef with Cakwe. The price range: IDR 40k - IDR 55k.


Catching up with old friends we lost touch with

Time to stalk, then slide into their DMs. JK. We just say hi, hear about what they’re doing right now, how much/ how little they changed, and talk about the good old times, getting a bit nostalgic. 


Having a good laugh with friends, playing this game

Select “private room” and guess what your friends doodle. No download required. 

Here’s the link: https://skribbl.io/


(Window)shopping in the corona-free internet

We can’t open Instagram without at least clicking 2 online stores. Those crazy deals are out and we are happy to hunt. We might not wear those outfits right now, but we’re keeping it going, we’re going to emerge from social distancing with a new wardrobe. 

By the way, talking about insane deals, have you seen our birthday treats? Up to 68% OFF + FREE SHIPPING. 


Trying this 10 step skincare routine using only local products 

……as we would love to support local businesses in this challenging time. 


Learning a new thing or two about starting a new business

from our favorite #girlboss, Jessy Kusno. We caught up to her in between preparing our collaboration collection. Here’s the full conversation.


Lotion all over our body, esp. hands

Don’t let hand sanitizer make your hands dry. Go moisturize! https://www.sociolla.com/search?q=lotion


Wearing breezy sundresses for fun—

a better mood every time we ditch our pajamas and dress up a little.

Evora Spaghetti Dress


Fiore Backless Dress





Having this kimono top…

right by the door for instant dress-ups. You know, for those sudden Zoom calls. 

Mes Proper Top





Written by Helena Natasha.

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