10 Home-Bound Addictions Part 2

Have you heard? They’re reopening the malls soon.


At this point, we’re dying to eat at our favorite Italian restaurant and drink Taiwanese boba afterwards, but the risk isn’t worth it. The COVID19 number in Indonesia is still rising, so, yeah, we’re laying low as much as we can at least for the next couple months. 


With the rising temptation to go out, we are always trying new interesting ways to make our house feel like home, not a quarantine zone. 


Here’s a list of the 10 things we love to do:

(We hope you’ll love it too.)



Having a Balinese SPA at home 

We can’t go to SPA in Bali, obviously, so the next best thing is ordering a scented candle and a home spa collection. We light a scented candle, turn off the lights, scrub away, and relax.

Our current favorites:

  • scented candles from Puti Living, our favorite scent is the rose one. We are happy with the way the scent quickly fills up the room. 
  • a home spa collection, complete with the massage oil, scrub, body butter, and soap from a Balinese brand Sensatia


Self-timer photoshoots

It’s good for our mood and our Instagram. It’s fun to dress up and take pictures.


Catching up to good pop music

A quick hack to lift up our mood.


Painting at home

Bartega Studio, which normally hosts a painting workshop with wine, is hosting free painting tutorials via Instastory. You can get your painting kit delivered to your home as well (get 4 canvases & 250ml paint for only IDR 500k). More details here. 


Learning new things from the best of the best

We realize it’s not the ideal situation to blame ourselves for not growing at all, but it just feels so good to learn something new. We really recommend studying form the best from the industries via Masterclass. With the value we’re getting, we think $15/month is such a steal.


Starting the day with a little K-pop

Why not? It’s fun and easy to follow. Plus, it gets rid of the food baby. 


Watching amazing local movies via Netflix

Both movies are two of the best movies we’ve seen in a while. 


Discovering random things on Youtube


Changing from one pretty sleepwear to another pretty sleepwear




Looking on point in 3 seconds.

This blazer is perfect to cover our sleepwear during zoom meetings. 



Written by Helena Natasha.


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