10 January Addictions

This year is going to be our year. We can feel it.


Here’s what we’ve been doing lately:


Wearing workout leggings. They said getting started working out is harder than actually working out. Well, it took us 2 new leggings to start.



Trying out new hobbies that’s always in the back of our heads. We can’t wait to try travel blogging and making drinks.


Ordering delicious healthy catering as junk food is always calling us like that Adele song “hello from the other side.” Better to pay our lunches in advance so we have no choice but to eat. Eating healthy is not easy as it sounds. (P.S. We can’t choose between Dapur Fit and Otts and Jill.




Skincare after vacay. Tropical sun leaves nasty sunburn. Winter breeze leaves the itchy dry skin. Click here for winter and tropical skincare.



Listing down 3 results we want to achieve in the day every morning. Knowing where to go makes a big difference. It’s time to focus.


Writing down what we made for the day every night so we know our wins and get motivated for tomorrow.



Digital detox. No cell phone for a few hours. There are other ways we can chill aside from scrolling an endless pit of Instagram feed.


Dreaming Valentine’s dinner at Hogwarts. (FYI, we’re having Valentine’s day giveaway soon. You’re gonna love it.)


Finding out what it’s like to build a fashion business by reading interviews like this and binge-watching this Netflix series:

Update: Netflix canceled this series, but it’s still worth to watch if you want a motivation boost.


More caffeine. Click here for our Jakarta coffee & cafe guide.


Written by Helena Natasha.

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