10 January Highlights

It feels like NYE is only yesterday. Now, January is ending. 


Just like that, 1/12 of 2020 is officially over. 


For us, this January is all about starting over. Another chance to do what we should’ve done last year. 


Here are a couple of our highlights:



Back to basics

The worst thing that can happen to us is having a closet full of outfits, but nothing seems to match. That’s why we created a collection of basic everyday outfits that are wearable and easy to style. Every piece has its own twist, so it’s not boring. Check out the collection here




*BRB learning from the best gurus in the industry.



Witnessing comebacks

These legends are back. 


Go Go Dolls is releasing a new song!


Hayley Williams is releasing new music, although not with Paramore.  


My Chemical Romance is back for more reunion tours. Let’s hope they’re back for good.



Reading this year’s horoscope

Check it out here



Thinking of quitting your job?

Vanessa Lau, a youtuber who really made it, tell you how.



Hearing about Coronavirus

It turns out it’s not that dangerous for us healthy young people. As long as we practice basic hygiene (wash your hands people) and have a strong immune system, we’re good. Even when we caught the virus, it’ll be just like another flu. How about the ones who passed away? Mostly, they’re old and already have certain complications.   



Asian Mom Pranks

Something to watch when you don’t know what to watch. These pranks are definitely funny.



Guilty pleasure: this KFC rice

Okay. We know we’re supposed to try to eat healthy, but this trend is not overrated. It’s like chicken rice, but with KFC taste.



Full body workout

Goodbye December & Chinese New Year fats. This workout routine is totally doable everyday.



Binge-watching The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The season 3 is out! Honestly, we think season 2 has a better storyline. If you’re into quirky dramas, you’d love watching this series. 

P.S. Sabrina kinda reminded us of Daenerys Targaryen (if you watch both GOT and Sabrina, you’d know what we mean).

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