10 Januray Addictions

It's the end of January. The perfect time to start asking ourselves, "Remember those resolutions? How did we do?"
Well, it's never too late to start nailing them. 
Hear what your zodiac says about your 2019
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Tidying your life
We have the power to do more if we're in an environment that supports us. Keep your life uncluttered, starting from your work desk to your wardrobe. Pick up a few tips from organization expert, worldwide bestselling author Marie Kondo.
Planning new things
We're in love with this yearly journal, this dream planner, and this wall planner. They're so useful compared to the other journals in the market. 
Thinking of trying this stem cell mask
This Dr Schatz mask is all over instagram. It's getting so many good reviews from influencers, so that sounds legit. They said its Switzerland Technology brightens, repairs, neutralizes, moisturizes, slows down aging, and calms down breakouts in just a few days. The price: IDR 350k for 1 box (5 mask).
The thing is...We couldn't find its official website. At first, we thought it's just bad SEO, but then we noticed that there's not a single media article about it. We are so conflicted right now.
10 years challenge 
Looking back, flipping through pictures from a decade ago, we just realized how much things changed. 
Moving on...
from everything that doesn't work out. Here's how
Playing this new #grlpwr anthem on repeat 
Meeting new guys
Out of the blue, our single friend, told us a story about this dating app: Coffee Meets Bagle. Unlike Tinder, this one's built to find someone to start a long term relationships with. It only allows a few matches. The candidates are "qualified", definitely not fuckboy type. #qualityoverquantity Download the app here
Watching stand up comedies
Here are some of the good ones:
Vintage tops and coats
These ones goes beyond Instagram ootd trend. They are timeless.  
Written by Helena Natasha

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