10 July Playthings You’d Love To Be Addicted To

Half the time we want to fly off to Italy and Euro trip the hell out of the year. The other half, we operate on our full girl boss mode, get everything done that our inner Beyonce high fives herself.


This time, we’re still in holiday mood. Well, fine, extended holiday mood, since the calendar kept saying, “holiday’s over.”


This month, we might not sip overpriced coconut while staring at the watercolor sunset. But, we’ve stumbled across a couple things that are as good. 


Here, here:


Sleep Away

Jetlagged or not, we just feel like putting on pjs and sleep.


Applying honey to the skin

It feels cool on the skin and it heals sunburn faster. #beautyhack



Eating out Indonesian food

Remember all the cravings we have lately? No food tasted better than Indonesian foods right? This week, we are planning to eat soto oseng Haji Mamat, Manado cuisine Sarang Oci, padang food, and Sate Khas Senayan.



Winter is Here

We’re not gonna lie. At first, we thought Game of Thrones is just a weird TV series with a strange cult following. Then, we accidentally watched the trailer. Before we know it, 3 weeks are gone binge-watching the series. We couldn’t wait for the series to continue this July 16th on HBO.

If this is your first time watching, bear the first 3 episodes. We couldn’t make sense of the things going on until the later episodes.


Listing things to do

Little by little our minds start buzzing with ideas for work. That doesn’t mean we want to do it right away. So, we’re taking baby steps. We’ve downloaded and printed a pretty list. Then, we wrote a few things to do before playing around our laptop. The mood shall kick in anytime soon.



Guilty guilty

We feel guilty for eating all those holiday foods every time we watch Victoria Secret model lipsync 2U. So, we follow Vogue’s 5 step guide to flat our abs by Victoria Secret Model Cindy Bruna.


Listening to the controversial 4:44

Since the album’s exclusive release on Tidal , Jay Z’s name had been popping on the music news. Long story short, in the album, Jay-Z admitted cheating on Beyonce and dissed some people, including Kanye West who got out of Tidal and threatened to sue. *sigh* Drama.


Learning everyday makeup tips from Kim Kardashian

Basic contour from the queen of contour.


Watching the new Spiderman’s Vlog

How cute.


Upgrading our ponytails to Wonderwoman’s braids



Written by Helena Natasha.

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