10 June Addictions

Fact: no more vacation until December. 


Haven’t you heard?


As horrifying as it seems, it’s really not that bad. 


There are still things to look forward to, such as:



Drinking boba

Despite the viral emergency room story (you know: 100 undigested boba in a 14-year-old Chinese girl),  we are still drinking boba. We know you are still drinking as well. We all know it’s unhealthy af and it increases our calories count, but at least we’re cutting the sugar, aren’t we? Here’s how we make it less unhealthy

P.S. We made a quick guide (which brand has the best taste, a healthy alternative, and more) right here. 




Using reusable straws

Speaking of boba, it’s best if we use reusable plastic straws as we already use plastic for the glass. Think of all the sea creatures that consumed the plastic. It will eventually come back to us. 

 july addiction - straw

P.S. You can get multiple straws for as low as IDR 20k-ish via Shoppe.



Hearing relatable stories 

You’re not alone.



Watching Spice Girl on repeat

Feeling nostalgic. The 90’s icon, the one that’s making cropped top a staple, is making a comeback and we’d give everything to be there. The show’s made from a fan to the fan. That’s why it’s so good—at least from what it looks like from youtube. It’s too bad Victoria Beckham (Posh) is not joining the tour. 




Wearing pop sockets

It makes our lives much easier.

 july addiction - pop socket

july addiction - pop socket2

Check out the holographic ones from The Holograil. You can wear your own pictures. 


Wearing blazer set

Look sharp. Feel comfy (Yes, we hear you. It’s linen.). All at once. 

We don’t even think twice about styling. It comes in a set already.

Girlboss Set




Watching Black Mirror

It’s interesting to see Miley Cyrus here. It’s like watching Hannah Montana 2.0, the darker version.



Listening to this song 

It’s so iconic…

…and full of easter eggs!




Snacking tofu

It sounds weird, but trust us, it’s not just another tofu. It’s so crunchy and so tasty. If we’re not eating it, we can’t stop thinking about it. Get a few boxes of Tahu Kriuk Yes, a few glasses of boba, and we’re settled for a long day at our HQ.

july addiction - tahu kriuk



Going to teamLab Future Park Jakarta

The good news: we don’t have to travel to Tokyo or Singapore for this art space. It just opened here in Jakarta, precisely at Gandaria City, until December. 

Selfies aside, going here is really fun. We can interact with everything here. We can draw and see our drawing comes to life and interact with us. We can play slide, throw balls, etc.


 july addiction - futurepark

Tickets: IDR 150k (weekdays), IDR 175k (weekends)

Fact: no more vacation until December. 

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