10 New Addictions

These new things will make you happy this March:

Eating melting cheese

A lot of melting cheese meals have been starring on our friends’ Instastories. The question is: where can we eat?

We asked around and found the answer: Ojju and Willie Brothers. The Korean hotplate one, Ojju can be found at Kota Kasablanka and Gandaria City. The steak one, Willie Brothers restaurant is located on Pesanggrahan, Meruya.



Beauty and the Beast, starring singing Emma Watson

Coming to theaters this month! We hope. By the time I write this article, the release date for Indonesia is still unannounced. From IMDB’s list, we can expect to watch it after March 16th.

Snacking granolas 

Granolas are healthy, but it’s not the best choice if your goal is to lose weight. Before you buy, have a look at the nutritional facts to make sure it doesn’t add too much sugar and saturated fat.

Some local granolas we found: Lemonilo and Nakedpress

Granola tumblr lamourvegan

Granola Tumblr GymbunnyAmber



Golden dress

Ever since we watched the Oscars, we’ve been obsessed with Emma Stone’s golden Givenchy Haute Couture dress. The details are amazing.

Emma Stone Oscars Givenchy



Local lipsticks

Which one suits you? We crave these ones

Rollover Reaction


Rewatching Friends

Besides being funny and relatable, the show has strong 90’s vibe. #nostalgic


Faking a cafe

It’s raining almost every day. Since rain breeds long traffic, getting out the house is our last option. If working in a cafe is more productive for you, your next best thing is https://coffitivity.com, which fills your house with cafe-like ambient.

Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale’s Ex’s and Oh’s Cover

Originally performed by Elle King. Press play! 

Planning another short getaway 

Now is the time to enjoy low season perks: no waiting in lines and not as expensive as peak season. Even if it’s just Saturday and Sunday, it’s going to be worth it.  

Laughing at real people shutting out their exes

Girls look their prettiest when they laugh. Meaning: as you scroll @textsfromyourex, you'll be your prettiest self. It's that hilarious. It really made our day.






Written by Helena Natasha

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