10 New Addictions To Try This April

Hey, girls! Have you noticed? There’s something different about this spring. It’s somehow….magical.


Well, we have found a lot of whimsical things. Check these out:

Eating unicorn

Looks fantastic. Tastes amazing. Food blogger A.J. started this trend. He made lots of unicorn variations from sushis to noodles. All of them looks delish! You can find the recipes here.




Re-watching Coldplay concert videos

The shivers still linger.


Counting good things before bed

This psychological exercise trains our brains to think more positively which makes our lives a little better.


Eating (and decorating) gorgeous cakes

Pretty cakes are everywhere, whether it’s from Instastories or a friend’s birthday surprise. Some cakes were decorated with fresh flowers and marble textures. Other cakes are designed to resemble unicorns we dreamt of when we were 5. They look so amazing. We’re not sure to eat or take pics. Here are some of our favorites:



Anyway, we’re thinking of taking a cake decorating class. Sounds fun! Unfortunately, we couldn't find the ones who teach us to decorate the cakes above. We found the next best thing. Bakelaboratory teaches us to create flowers from buttercream. You can read their syllabus and find out the price here




What’s not to love about swimming? It burns calories (from the cakes) and we literally don’t break any sweat. Plus, we’ve got to wear cute swimsuits and poolside attire.



Watching the new Blair Waldorf...kind of

Do you miss Blair Waldorf? We have a new Blair! Meet Veronica Lodge. She’s from a new series called Riverdale, which is produced by Gossip Girl’s producer: CW. Veronica the NY’s it-socialite just moved to a small town called Riverdale since her family got caught in her dad’s financial scandal. At first, Riverdale seemed sweet, until a body was found. Watch the trailer here:


Using our old white T-shirt to renew our looks

What do you think? Which one is the best: layering it up with a jumpsuit or wearing it with chokers? Actually, we also have other ideas. Take a look here.



Shell crowns

Flower crowns are amazing. However, shell crowns make us feel like mermaids.

You may preorder the crown or buy the final crown. If you see what you really really love in their Etsy shop, don't think twice, buy it. No crown is exactly the same. 




Hair hacks for lazy girls

More time sleeping in the morning! We don’t need to iron curl our hair anymore. Check this out.


Hearing the official Coachella playlist


Written by Helena Natasha

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