10 October Addictions Your'd Love

Halloween is just around the corner. Great! Now, we have something to be excited about during the rainy season traffic.


Without further ado, here are the most fun things to do this Halloween month:


Dressing up

Whichever costume you pick, avoid dressing up as IT the clown or Ibu from Pengabdi Setan if you don’t want to be in the same room with 10 people wearing the same costume. Check out these pictures for inspirations:



Watching horror movies

We heard scary things about this Indonesian movie Pengabdi Setan. Some strangers in Twitter claimed that the quality is surprisingly good, knowing that it is an Indonesian movie. The suspense in is thicker than a Pantene model’s hair. Check it out.

OR you could just watch IT if you can’t handle that high level of creepy. The IT clown is as scary as a kitten compared to Ibu Pengabdi Setan, except if you're scared of clowns.


Going to Halloween Horror Nights (Universal Studio Singapore)
As always, the theme is fresh. You may go to a haunted mall, explore inside a serial killer’s mind, go to the ruins of a Chinese empress, or even kill zombies with lasers. Sounds really good. You can buy your tickets here.


Playing room escape

The name itself is self-explanatory. You’re locked in a themed room and you’re given some puzzles and a tight time limit to get out. The themes could be fantasy or horror.

If you ask us, we prefer playing this game over watching a horror movie. It’s more fun and we’d get to discover which friend of ours screams higher than Ariana Grande.

Anyway, we recommend Pandora Experience.





Reading horror stories on Instagram


More stories here.

Nailing Smokey Eyes


Avoiding looking old

by doing these 3 things.

Reading Miss Peregrine's Home of the Peculiar Children series

Yes, the covers are creepy.

No, it’s not a horror story.

No, the story’s not like in the movie.

It’s much much better. Really.


Actually, there’s a creepy story behind pictures. All the pictures are real. The author went to flea markets, antique stores, and other photo collectors to collect these peculiar pictures and write characters out of them. Whoa.

Skimming the complete astrology report

It turns out that astrology is not just based on our birth date and month. It's also based on the hour and year you’re born in.

Just fill in your details here. They’ll send you a detailed report days after.


Skimming funny astrology personalities

Astrology 1

Astrology 2

Astrology 3

Astrology 4

Astrology 5


Written by Helena Natasha.

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