10 September Addictions

In most part of the world, summer ends.


Not that it matters to us, other than annoyingly gorgeous semi-thick coats they sell on shopping malls (we can’t really wear those here). We’re blessed with eternal sunshine, thank you very much.


Enough weather talk, there’s so much going on in this month


Let’s get to the juicy addictive trends:

Is it worth it?

An entire series about comparing the same food served at drastically different prices? Yes, please. If you think this series would be good, you’re right. In fact, this Buzzfeed series is already 5 seasons strong. Pick any episode to start.




These pancakes


This beautiful spread is from a new flexitarian/ organic/ vegan-friendly restaurant called Bobola. It’s just opened at Bali. Here’s the exact location.

Is it too early to be excited for Halloween?

Just before Halloween, exactly at October 26th, a new series is premiering: Sabrina’s Chilling Adventure. It’s located inside the same universe as Riverdale yet we have a feeling that this one is not going to be about high school drama. The vibe is more cult-ish.

Add this makeup to your wish list

Yep, the queen of contour just launched a new makeup collection: Cherry Blossom Collection. We bet it’s not available in Indonesia yet. However, it’s worth checking out.




Triple-checking makeup before buying

Traces of animal poop, an unsafe level of lead (A.K.A. toxic), and other dangerous chemicals are found in fake makeups. This might sound like the usual paranoid hoaxes from your family group, however better safe than sorry right? 

We found this 20 mins video, comparing the difference between original and fake makeup. Generally, the only difference is found with a naked eye. Under the microscope, the original makeup generally has more striking colors and better coverage (#quality).

Hearing about these shady af ingredients and seeing the difference in quality, we swear we would never ever buy makeup from somewhere not official. 

Korean glass skincare

Finally, we managed to find the budget version. These products are sold in Malay, which means it’s supposed to be sold in Singapore as well. Now now, it’s time to ask a favor from our Singaporean friends. 

Baby pig

How cute is this? More of this baby here



Trending: safari look

All over the cool girls’ Instagram. Get the look!


Top: Alexandria Top

Bottom: Wearstatuquo Knee-High Culottes

Trending: this bodysuit

Somehow, this makes a great staple-wear. It works as lingerie, rave outfit (+ shorts), saturdate outfit (+ jeans).



Bodysuit: Lovey Dovey Bodysuit



“The books are better”

Don’t worry! We’re not trying to get you to read something as thick (read intimidating) as Harry Potter. Try to read Crazy Rich Asian, The Boys I’ve Loved Before You, and The Hunger Games. These goldies are super entertaining (and way better than the movies).   


Written by Helena Natasha.

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