10 Things We Are Obsessed With This December

We simply can't stop doing these things. Everything is adding up to the best season of the year. The holidays. 
Playing winter chill songs on repeat
Listening to the feminist version of Santa Baby
Although we enjoy listening to Christmas songs, we notice a lot of Christmas lyrics are kinda outdated (and borderline offensive). We are thrilled to stumble upon Miley Cyrus' update on Santa Baby!  
Listening to Beyonce
This one has nothing to do with December, but it's Beyonce. We can't pass this up. Her past demos are leaked and released on streaming services.  
SALE hunting, year end shopping
How can we resist? Almost every shop is on SALE. There are lots insane steals. Our SALE is up to 65% off. (Find one for your holiday, but, hurry, the best ones are selling out fast.)
Binge-watching popular shows
Something for the long flights and long day-ins.They really live up to the hype! Here's a list of the shows. 
Watching Christmas specials
The Princess Switch
It's so cliche, but you won't regret watching this because this movie makes you feel good. 
A Midwinter's Tale
It's the Chilling Adventure of Sabrina's winter special. If you love cult-ish witchy vibe, you'd love this. However, it's so full of spoilers. Don't watch this episode if you haven't finish binge watching the first season. 
Trying every cake on our list
It's the international cheat month. 
Playing last-minute secret Santa
Here are the gifts your friends would love.
More gift-worthy accesories here
Catching up with old friends
Don't know what to talk over those annual dinners? Here's a list of topics
Glowing all holiday long
Can't get enough of Trope's Nirvana Illuminator. The final glow looks so natural. We didn't feel bad when we apply this to our faces as the illuminators are infused with the good stuffs (shea butter, jojoba oil, and anti-oxidant rich manula oil.
Written by Helena Natasha.

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