10 Things We Can't Stop Doing This March

We're reaching the end of March. It's time to recap the things we can't stop doing this month. 

They're pretty random, but they bring joy. That's why we kept doing them.

Here's the list:



Celery juice cleanse

It’s all over Instagram. We heard it first from Paola Tambunan. 

Why should we care? Although it tastes funny, it nourishes our body inside out—cures acne, flushes toxins, and more (check out here) 

How to juice? Simply juice organic celery sticks (yep, the large ones), then hold your breath and drink the water first time in the morning with your stomach empty.


Listening to different views 

This video is an eye-opener.


Watching Umbrella Academy

Not your ordinary superhero story. Most of the twists and turns are unpredictable. 

Another reason to watch this: Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance co-created this. 


Listening to the ’80s

Thanks to Umbrella Academy soundtrack. Who knew the ’80s has so many golds?


Anticipating Game of Thrones’ last season

Winter is coming: April 14th. 

If you haven’t watch it, you should catch up right now. It’s more than nudity and gore. Trust us. It’s going to worth the hours.


Ancient beauty recipe: collagen soup

Good for skin and hair, esp. if you’re entering the anti-aging aging club. 


Coffee + palm sugar (A.K.A. gula aren)

The taste is such a game changer. 

We heard palm sugar is healthier than the usual white sugar. However, palm sugar is still sugar. Oh, well. It’s worth it anyway. Whenever we feel guilty, we can drink that celery juice. 


Jade rolling

Although it's been around since the 7th century in China, jade roller is trending rn. 

It is believed to help reduce inflammation and puffiness, gets rid of panda eyes, stimulates the lymphatic system, and helps skin care products to be absorbed by the skin.

Honestly, we're not sure if this actually works. We just like the way it feels on our skin. Its cold massages are so refreshing. 

Here's how to use it:


Improving our picture-taking game


This marriage proposal fails compilation



Written by Helena Natasha. 

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