10 Things You Should Try Before August Ends

Following the birthday of our beloved Indonesia, this month, we take it back to the roots. We’re starting from Asia down to Indonesia. 


Tag along. ;)




Watching K-dramas


They’re soooooo addictive. We recommend these series.




Finding out what’s going on in Asia right now


This youtube channel, Asian Boss https://www.youtube.com/user/askasianboss , lets us know what’s up and about. They cover news & trends from all over Asia. 







Finding out what’s happening in Indonesia


We have so much love for Vice Indonesia for covering diverse interesting angles. 






Streaming Head in the Clouds Festival


It’s basically the Asian version of Coachella, jam-packed by the diverse Asian talents, assembled by 88rising. Rich Brian, Joji, The Higher Brothers, Niki, and more.


A few highlights, in case you missed it:


Niki sang Indonesia Raya to open her set (to celebrate Indonesia’s Independence Day)…



….followed by her first performance of her newly released song, Indigo:



Rich Brian performing Dat Stick:



The sweet moment when Stephanie Poetri sings her hit song, I Love You 3000. No surprise, 88rising just signed her. So. Excited. For. Her.



The Midsummer Madness encore: 




Pressing the replay button, listening to Niki’s latest single


Her voice, her lyrics, and her aesthetic are so on point. 




Eating this comfort food


Turns out…. Cooking this Indo food is not that hard (and not that expensive).




Drinking this nostalgic drink


Everyone’s been talking about this drink, Mikado, since Patricia Stephanie and Kopi Soe launched it.


When our team tried it, we immediately regret we didn’t try it sooner (and we’re not only saying this because we collaborated with Patricia Stephanie before),


It’s really worth the hype and worth the money. The avocado is surprisingly generous. The texture of the ice cream, creamy avocado, and mutiara is fun. Overall, it tasted so perfect (not too sweet). 


If you haven’t tried Mikado, you really should. It’s a seasonal thing (and we wish they would continue to produce it). 





Watching local comedy


We can totally relate. That’s why it’s super funny.


From Raditya Dika’s sold-out show:


A scene from Cek Toko Sebelah:




Watching a local paranormal content


We can guarantee, this one’s not scary at all. 


Since we can’t separate Indonesia with its mystic spices, we decided to feature one of the country’s famous paranormal content. 


Watch indigo cousins from a big family visit a famous historical site in Jakarta:

(It’s a fresh way to see Indonesian history.)




Finding out about the new capital city in Indonesia


Goodbye Jakarta. 


President Joko Widodo just announced the locations. The capital city will officially move to Penajam Paser Utara and Kutai, East Borneo, which is strategically located in the middle of Indonesia. It’s right next to big Balikpapan and Samarinda. 


By the end of next year, the government will start to design and build. The building process is estimated to take 3-4 years. 


More on this on BBC. https://www.bbc.com/indonesia/indonesia-49469469





Written by Helena Natasha.

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