10 Trends We're Addicted To

A lot of trends are hyping all at once, but not all are worth trying.


Here are 10 things we can’t stop doing:



Face detox A.K.A. charcoal mask

Haven’t you heard? Jakarta’s pollution is getting worse and worse. Before its effect undo all our skincare, we put on the charcoal mask. Charcoal sucks dirt and oil from the surface of the pores. As much as we want to wear it every day, we can’t. It’s drying,  especially if you have dry or sensitive skin. The ideal usage: one mask a week.


We heard these masks are good:

Mediheal IDR 38.9k

Garnier IDR 19k



The ultimate clean beauty cheatsheet

If we’re not careful with the beauty products we’re putting on our face, they can do more harm than good due to its ingredients. 

As we don’t have the time to do research on everything, we really appreciate Sephora for putting together this clean beauty list. It’s basically our cheatsheet.  

Everything on their list doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. Just the good stuff. 

Looking at the list is not that confusing. We don’t need to read every description of every product as they also let us know the benefit of each product—which product is great for brightening, moisturizing, and so on.  

In our opinion, it’s good for both beginners who are still figuring things out and beauty gurus who are on a hunt for new products. Check it out here.



Figuring out bra types

Legend has it—for every outfit situation you have, you have a bra that is designed for that.

We learned quite a few things from this Cosmopolitan list.



Drop earrings

They instantly elevate our basic outfits. Check them out.



Feeling excited. This gossip turns out to be true. 

Good morning, Upper East Side. Rumor has it that HBO is doing a reboot on Gossip Girl. This time, lonely boy A.K.A. Dan Humphrey is not Gossip Girl. In fact, the show’s going to put a light on an entirely new generation of Upper East Siders. There won’t be any secret identity to gossip girl as we are all gossip girl. 

 <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/TAymDDX2aLI" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>



This app knows our personality and life better than we do 

Actually, this app, The Pattern, is been around for quite a while. We just found out about it from Channing Tatum, who is freaking out about this app. 

For us, it’s like a cross between astrology and Myers Briggs personality test. We just need to enter our name and our time of birth (down to its minute). It gives us complete descriptions of our personality and our cycles of life. It also predicts the future (kinda). If you dare, you can enter your man’s details to get a reading on your relationship.

The reading turns out to be scarily accurate (for our friends and us). 

Go on and try it. Unfortunately, it’s iPhone only. 



Binge-watching Stranger Things

Question is: is it better than the last season? Its Rotten Tomato rating is slightly dropping from the last 2 seasons. However, in our personal opinion, we think it’s the best season so far. 

We’re in love with this scene.



wearing 80’s inspired outfits


From left to right: Catania Set, Teatro Greco Top, Rue Cler Pants 



This art exhibition

Speaking of the ’80s, Raven is Odd is full of neon-light infused 80’s aesthetics. We can’t wait to go there. 

Instagram: @ravenisodd 

Date of opening: 2 August - 29 Sept. 

Location: Mall Kuningan City. 

Price tickets: IDR 100k (weekdays), IDR 135k (weekends)  



Find out how we look when we’re old

Will you age gracefully? To find out, take a selfie via FaceApp. 

It snaps us out of laziness of our skincare routine before bed. 

Download here: Android iPhone

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