3 Legit New Year Playthings

Let’s be real. Everyone drops his/her resolutions by the second week of January. LOL. New Year's Eve is just a great excuse to gather with friends and family.


Here are a few fun things to do:


Years to come, we would like to remember fun moments, not the gossips, murder news update, or, worse, the same old, “how's work”. Work is the last thing we want to think on NYE. Before the conversation turns sour, try suggesting these games:

- Would you rather. See the weird ways your family/friends react to these, these, or these questions.

- Werewolf game. Everyone we knew kept asking for one more round.

- Psychological Robin Hood test. Hear how your friends and family think. Some might surprise you.




Festive vibe. Add silver-ish color to your makeup. Then, dip the decorations with glitter.



New Year’s Eve is the right moment to dream again. Think: which areas really matters to you? Which ones do you want to experiment with? A former Google career coach suggests you to map it all down. Plan it right to the easy step, for example: if you wish to lose 5 kgs, write putting on running shoes instead of running 7km per week. Running seems too big. But, once you’re tying your laces,  you’ll be motivated to run. 


Written by Helena Natasha

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