Some days we know who we are. Some days we don’t. And that’s okay!


Sometimes, hours of hugs and glasses of wine aren’t going to cut it. We need a real understanding of ourselves to figure things out.


From one girl talk to another, we heard good things about these personality tests. We have tested it and they are scarily accurate.


So, we’re going to pass these goodies to you. Promise this: be honest while filling these out, even when you don’t like the answers. Have fun!

The Myers & Briggs Personality Test

Let us hold your glass. You need to sit while answering this. This is going to take you approx. 5 long minutes. Don’t worry. The result will be worth it. They will lay down all your strengths, weaknesses, relationships, and even career advice. Here you go: www.16personalities.com


Four Temperaments Test

This one is dated way back when they worship Greek God Zeus in Santorini. Apparently, it’s still relevant! Self help books often feature this temperament test. It’s worth trying: http://personality-testing.info/tests/O4TS/


DISC Personality Test

Unlike the tests we mentioned above, this DISC test is not just a personality theory. This one measures your behaviors with numbers. Try this: https://www.123test.com/disc-personality-test/ (Yes, this test requires you to sit down too).


Random Tests

These ones are for random fun like what kind of eggs are you to how old you really are: Blogthings and Buzzfeed.

Written by Helena Natasha

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