4 Local Lipsticks We Crave

New local lipsticks are popping up like Starbucks. They are everywhere.


We’d love to buy and try everything but we’d like to shop other things too. So, for our pleasure, we scrolled beauty bloggers’ reviews, fell in love with 4 out of many, and concluded this.


Mind your taste as you read.





Finish: creamy, satin matte

Review summary (1, 2, 3): The best thing about this lip coat: it is designed to moisturize our lips. Plus, applying it to your lips won’t be a problem since it has a soft applicator and awesome pigmentation. One swipe is all you need. You need to be patient, though. It takes a time to dry. One more thing: it is transferable-- definitely leaves lip marks on glasses. Need to reapply after eating.  

Founder: beauty blogger Elizabeth Christina or you might know her as LizzieParra. You can watch her makeup tutorials on her youtube channel

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/blpbeauty/

Website: http://www.blpbeauty.com

Price: IDR 129k


Rollover Reaction


Finish: velvet matte

Review summary (1, 2): Triples up as lipstick, blush, and eyeshadow! You can buy every color, combine it all in one makeup routine, and look amazing. See it here and scroll up. The colors lasts after a light meal and a drink. So, you might need to reapply after eating. Plus, you’d feel good wearing Rollover Reaction, since it feels light on your lips and contains healthy stuff, such as nourishing Vitamin E, antioxidant, and UV protection.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rollover.reaction/

Website: http://www.rollover-reaction.com/3-shop-

Price: IDR 119k




Finish: bold matte 

Review summary (1, 2, 3): A perfect day lipstick. One quick swipe and the color boldly shows for an entire day. The matte sits heavily on your lips, silently reminding you that you don’t need to touch up. Other than your lips, Mad for Lipstick would last longer on your purse as its weight is 6.5 ml (that’s a little more than other liquid lipsticks).

2 good things are said about the formula. The review says it doesn’t make her lips dry. The package says it comes with UV protection and Vitamin E.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/madforlipstick/

Website: http://madforlipstick.com

Price: IDR 130k


Val by Valerie Thomas taken by Larassitafaza


Finish: soft matte

Review (1, 2, 3): Val is soft on the lips. A review recommends to remove and reapply after 3 hours as it dries your lips after wearing it for a long time. Well, that’s no biggie. The color moves anyway as it’s not completely transfer-proof. Don’t worry! Every shade of Val is easy to apply, except the tricky Emma.

Founder: the daughter of TV star Jeremy Thomas, Valerie Thomas. Besides having an amazing sense of style, Valerie aims to inspire young girls to love themselves and think about their future, not wasting their youth. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/val.valeriethomas/

Price: IDR 99k


Written by Helena Natasha

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