5 Instagrammable Travel Destinations That Are Not Mainstream (Yet)

Who said late-night Instagram scrolling is sinful? 

While we're at it, we came across these unique photogenic places:

Bagan, Burma 

Founded way back in the 2nd century, Burma is an ancient city with lots of temples. People used to come here for pilgrimage. Now, it's all archeologists, UNESCO, history geeks, and tourists taking really good pictures from the hot air balloons.



Lopburi, Thailand 

Basically acres and acres of sunflowers, which bloom in between November-January. When you see this view in person, you'll feel that the 3 hours train ride from Bangkok was worth it. 

Anyway, if you come in November, you'd get to see Monkey Festival at the nearby San Phra Kan monument. It's basically watching monkeys eating buffets of foods.




Cappadocia, Turkey 

Cappadocia is so much more than hot air balloons! Almost every corner is picture perfect. The landscapes are amazing. Also, there's an underground city, an ancient church, and cave houses (and cave hotels). If you're up for it, you can sleep in the cave hotel.





Buenos Aires, Argentina

Caminito: an old abandoned district, repainted pastel by an Argentinian artist, and turned into a museum. Looks so pretty! Perfect for a morning stroll. 






Seisr Alm, Dolomites, Italy

Hike, ski, and witness the breathtaking view.




Written by Helena Natasha

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