6 Iconic Fashion Movies

A little something for your sleepless nights and lazy Sundays.

The list is here:

(we excluded Breakfast at the Tiffany's as it is everybody's go-to classic)

Crazy Rich Asian

We knew everybody watched this one already, but we couldn't resist putting Crazy Rich Asian on the list. It's totally worth rewatching to take in all the details. We heard 30 people spent 3 weeks stoning the wedding dress with Swarovski crystals. No joke.  

The Great Gatsby

The 1920s flapper style is versatile af. We can borrow the style for countless events, from brunches to weddings. Those styling "lessons" are compressed into this 1 movie.


This movie belongs to the mid 90's but most of the looks are still relevant today. We heard their plaids on plaids are making a huge comeback.


This musical a total hit on the late 70's. According to mom, back then, every kid wore their hair like the main character Sandy. Basically, this movie was their style bible. Watching this movie, you'd understand why.

(P.S. Is it just us or the plot is a bit similar to High School Musical?)


The late 80's fashionable dark comedy. The plot sounds familiar: nerdy girl taken in by the mean girl clique. Then, she and her bad boy boyfriend take down the clique. Yes, this movie sounds like Mean Girls, but this movie involved murder and shoulder-pads.

The Seven Year Itch

Have you seen the iconic up-skirted white-dressed Marilyn Monroe? It's a scene out of this movie. To be honest, other than that iconic scene and other dresses Marilyn wear, we loathe this mid 50's movie. It's about adultery (and the guy's not even that hot). Our suggestion is just watch the trailer and the iconic scene.  

Written by Helena Natasha.

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