6 Popular Series That Are Seriously Binge-Worthy

Watching series is a big investment. We can try to watch 1 episode in December and before we know it, it’s already January.


If it’s a great series, it’s cool. We’re having the time of our lives.


The worst thing is being 3 seasons deep into the show, hating it, and still watching it because we want to know what happens next. Months later, after watching the most awaited big reveal, we’re left devastated because nothing makes sense—too many plot holes. *cough Pretty Little Liars cough*


Fear not, these series are definitely worthy of your time:

Stranger Things

2 seasons, the 3rd season is coming this 2019

Perfect for you if you’re into: mystery, drama, the 80’s  

Why you should watch: the thrill, the cast performance, the plot   


The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

1 season, the 2nd season is coming this April

Perfect for you if you’re into: witches, magic, cults, drama

Why you should watch: it’s pure fun, gets more and more interesting


Game of Thrones

7 seasons, the last season is coming this April

Perfect for you if you’re into: fantasy, politics, gore (I skip the gore scenes and go straight to the juicy parts)

Why you should watch: unexpected plot twist, Kit Harrington



10 seasons

Perfect if you’re into: the 90s, comedy

Why you should watch: relatable, funny, iconic, you can watch from any episode and understand what’s going on


Modern Family

10 seasons, very likely to continue to the 11th season (that’s how good it is)

Perfect if you’re into: comedy

Why you should watch: very relatable, family friendly (not awkward if suddenly your family sit beside you to watch)



1 season (10 episodes total)

Perfect if you’re into: black comedy, drama, science fiction

Why you should watch: fresh plot, praised by critics, phenomenal performance by Emma Stone & Jonnah Hill

In case you don’t know what’s going on after watching the trailer (like I did), the series is about a

pharmaceutical company’s experiments—test a new drug which can cure all disorders.

Written by Helena Natasha

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