7 Gift Ideas for Everyone

Shopping for others are tricky. We understand.

So, girls, here’s your cheat sheet:




You can’t treat your mom with spa everyday, but you can buy her this spa soap, which features Balinese herbal lulur blend.

Sensatia natural soaps




For him, you can never go wrong with classic duffel bag.

Duffel bag


Girl best friend

For your girl best friend, try surprising her with the gift every girl dreams of:  a free shopping free.


Makeup-junkie friends

For your friend who can’t live without beauty products, get these cute Sephora stocking stuffers.

Sephora makeup festive



Social media kings and queens

Your friends who can’t put down their phones and Macbook would love these cases. We love the marble ones.

Uniq Macbook Case

Uniq phone case

Uniq macbook case 2


Bookish friends

For your friends who love books, try fishing their wish lists and find the books they’re dying to read on book depository. Usually, the books costs less than bookstores. They don’t charge shipping fee. At all.



Your dad would love this self stirring mug. He’d never have to stir his daily coffee/tea again. Let those batteries do the job.


Little cousin

If your little cousin is still attached with Pokemon Go, buy him/her a pokeball doll and a pokemon trainer hat. OR, if you’re going to US this month, get Pokemon Go Plus, a device which notifies him/her of when there’s a wild Pokemon nearby.  


Written by Helena Natasha.

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