7 Things To Do On Holidays With Family

We are all guilty of getting too caught up in life that we forget about family. 

Catch up with your family on vacation! In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, we research a few things to do with family:


Enjoy Jakarta without Traffic

Heaven. With the road as empty as your little cousin’s candy case, the access to everywhere will be limitless. Driving from Kemang to Kelapa Gading then to Puri Indah? Bring it on! It’s time to try other foods and do other things at the other part of Jakarta.

Kid-friendly places we can think of: The Cat Cabin Jakarta, Amped Trampoline Park, Addictz Cafe & Toys, Pandora Experience Room Escape


Airbnb_designervilla 4

Villa Staycation

Usually, when we’re together with our family, we’re busy with our phones. So, renting a beautiful villa in somewhere remote would be a great idea. Plus points if the place has no wifi/cellular connection.

The good news: you have to be abroad, there are a lot of beautiful places around Indonesia too. Check out these interesting Indonesian Airbnbs. We think number 1,2,3,5,6, and 11 are suitable for families.


 Family vacay 2

Culinary around the Country

We've asked our friends for recommendations and googled the address. You’re welcome.



Soto Betawi Haji Mamat, Dapur Babah, Sop Kepala Ikan, Authentic Italian food MammaRosy   



Bakmie Naripan, Martabak Nikmat Andir, Cisangkuy Yogurt, The Peak, Sundanese Restaurant Ma Uneh, Bawean Bakery, Batagor Kingsley



Rawon Setan Mbak Endang, Layar Seafood, Rumah Makan Kapin Authentic Chinese Restaurant, Javanese Restaurant Warung Bu Kris, es krim Zangrandi, rujak cingur



Gudeg Yu Djum, Cafe Brick Jogja, Kopi Klotok Pakem Kaliurang, Bakmi Jawa Pak Pele, Ayam Goreng Suharti, Chinese Heritage Resto Lie Djiong, traditional angkringan Gadjah Jl Kaliurang, Sate Klatak Imogiri, Bakpia Kurnia Sari



Ayam Betutu khas Gilimanuk, Nasi Pedas Bu Andika, Deus ex Machina, Cloud 9, Babi Guling Pak Dobil, Bebek Tepi Sawah, Bebek Bengil (Dirty Duck Diner), Warung Wardani Denpasar, Babi Guling Bu Oka Ubud, Naughty Nuri’s Steak Ubud, Warung Made



Family vacay 3


Do something new with your family: make memories under the sea! Here, check trip advisor.


 Family vacay 1

High Tea with family

Have little cousins or perhaps little nephews/ nieces? Spend your evening having a fancy high tea with them. They’d definitely love the food as the hotel collaborated with Junior Masterchef Indonesia’s winner Chef Revo. Read more details here.


Chasing Ramadan Promos

This is the best time for foodie families! Everywhere you look, you’ll find food promos. Look out for more promos here: What’s New Jakarta and JktGo.


Family vacay 4

Movie Day

Family movie marathon at the theater! All day. Buy a lot of snacks.


Written by Helena Natasha.

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