A Quick Guide To The Boba Scene

Last week, we did a Q&A session about food & drinks to try in Jakarta. A lot of drink recommendations poured in (shoutout to all of you boba queens. Thank you!). 
Upon summarizing our conversation, we realized, Instastory highlight isn't enough. It deserved a dedicated blog post. 
Without further ado, here's a quick recap:
Is it just another trend? 
67% of said it tasted so good--definitely worth the hype. Given the poll, we personally think it's worth to try. 
A lot of brands are competing to serve the best brown sugar type drinks--which one should we really try?
It's a debate, but most of the boba queens who answered agreed that Xing Fu Tang, Tiger Sugar, OneZo, and Chatime are the best, definitely better than Koi brown sugar series. That doesn't mean Koi's brown sugar drinks are bad. It's either you LOVE them or you don't (50% said it's good, 50% doesn't like it). We personally prefer Koi machiatto series (Ovaltine and jasmine). 
Xing Fu Tang
Fun fact: the world's first ever brown sugar boba, originated in Taiwan
Price range: IDR 20k to IDR 40k
Location: Lippo Mall Puri
Fun fact: originated from Taiwan
Price range: around IDR 30k to IDR 50k
Instagram: @onezo.id
Locations: Mall of Indonesia, AEON Mall BSD, Gajah Mada
Tiger Sugar
Fun fact: also originated from Taiwan
Price range: around IDR 38k
Location: Mall Kelapa Gading
Price for brown tea boba: IDR 23k - IDR 26k
Instagram: @chatimeindo
Location: almost everywhere
Honorable mentions: @Heihei_id, @koitheindonesia, @Kokumi_id 
There are 2 kinds of people--the ones who love cheese tea and the ones who don't want cheese in their tea. To be honest, we're surprised to see most of you LOVE cheese tea even more than brown sugar fresh milk boba. 
For those of you who don't want cheese in your tea, perhaps you may try Ban Ban. Unlike most cheese tea brands out there, they use premium ingredients only. 
Ban Ban
Fun fact: they use premium ingredients, like organic tea 
Price range: around IDR 19k - around IDR 40k
Location: Lippo Mall Puri, Grand Indonesia
Instagram: @banban.tea
Talking about Ban Ban, have you tried their Boba Pan? Imagine biting that soft spongy brioche cake, tasting that melting cream cheese, and chewing their boba. OMG. We want one, please. 
Honorable mention: @kamutea.id, also a Taiwanese brand (many of you love their milo series)
One word: REFRESHING. 
Tea Amo
Fun fact: premium tea, real fruits
Price range: around IDR 20k to IDR 40k
Locations: Mall of Indonesia
Instagram: @teaamoindonesia
Fun fact: cute drink names, like Unicorn
Recommendation: the rainbow & unicorn drink
Price range: around IDR 20k - around IDR 40k
Locations: Senayan City, Mall Kelapa Gading, Pluit Village, PIK, Mall Taman Anggrek, and more
Instagram: @kokumi_id
Not your ordinary green tea. We're talking about the good grade matcha. Its flavor is on a whole another level. You can taste the quality.
Must try: Uji Matcha IDR 30k
Locations: Mall Kelapa Gading, The Breeze BSD
Instagram: @gooma.id
If you're feeling a little nostalgic, try this rabbit candy inspired drink. Personally, we never try this drink, but some of you said that you love it. 
Price range for rabbit milk boba: IDR 30k (light) - IDR 35k (creamy), some of you recommend the creamy one
Locations: AKR Tower, PIK Avenue
Instagram: @heychaofficial
Hot & iced chocolate: @co.choc (quite affordable, only IDR 20k)
Iced kopi susu: @gordonjkt (many of you said their homemade donut is so good)
That was fun. Stay tuned to our Instastory for more discussions like this.
Written by Helena Natasha

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