A Quick Pre-Wedding Checklist

Wedding preparation can be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose and everyone (especially the parents) have his/her own ideas. Finding a middle ground is mentally and physically taxing. On top of it all, you have to juggle it between preforming at work and maintaining a healthy social life.  


With all the stress and the pressure, you might consider having a pre-wedding session for the sake of having a pre-wedding session. It’s like you’re back in high school, studying to pass the subject with a so-so grade. 


The reasons you should care more about your pre-wedding:

- Do you have a great picture together? Decent selfies (the ones that are a bit blurry but you both look hot) or vacation pics (taken from a weird angle by a random tourist) don’t count. Well, great photographers do more than taking a nice picture. They capture your relationship’s chemistry. 

- When you’re 60, you can remember the way you look when you’re young. 



Here are 3 things to pay attention to if you wish to make the most of your pre-wedding session:


1. A great photographer who cares about you and understands you. If you went through a lot of photography accounts on Instagram, you might notice some photographers are all about aesthetics and none about the couple. Breathtaking landscape. Awkward couple. 

The great ones shouldn’t make you feel awkward, even though it’s your first photography session. That’s why you should meet them first and pick the ones that vibe with you.


Photography companies we love: @derai.studio, @terralogical, @lovebynpm, @axioo, @morden.co



2. Outfits & makeup which make you feel beautiful and comfortable. Yep, you don’t want to worry about nip slips and blisters. Just dress the way you always want to dress. Be yourself. 


Makeup artists we love: @natalia.oen, @jeanice.mua


Dresses we love: https://www.wearstatuquo.com/shop/dresses-sets



3. The fiancé. Don’t forget the fiancé. (JK)


4. A stunning location. Tourist attractions are fun, but if you look beyond those places and dive deeper into your relationship, your photographs would have a personal touch. For instance, if you both love music, taking photographs inside a record store gives your photos a deeper meaning.   




If you can’t have it all, don’t worry. Prioritize the photographer, the makeup, the outfit, and the fiancé. The location is negotiable. 


With a great makeup & a sophisticated outfit, a great photographer can find ways to make your shots amazing. 


A tip: look out for photographers’ “free travel fee” promos. You would save IDR 10 mills and more. Usually, they have a lot of it on wedding exhibitions.

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