Cakes, Pies, and Everything Nice

The holiday season (A.K.A. the season of cheat days) is around the corner. Tis' the season to list (and taste) all the baked goodies we've been craving all year long but haven't got the chance to try. We heard these taste so good:



What to try: Fresh Cream Cake

What makes this so special: all fresh, even though it's imported from Japan

Where to try: Senayan City, Kelapa Gading Mall, Pacific Place, Central Park, Pondok Indah Mall 1




Nana Cake Boutique

What to try: Entremet

What makes this so special: how pretty it looks, the texture, the "right" taste

Order via Whatsapp: ?(+62) 822 9900 2167?




Dulcet Patisserie

What to try: Milk Crumble

What makes this so special: it's not too sweet, tastes unlike any other, so addictive

Order via Whatsapp: 08111887794




Marshwood Brownie

What to try: Espresso Brownie (if you like coffee) and Whole Meal Grain Brownie (if you want to feel less guilty as this one has less sugar)

What makes this so special: its smooth dense texture, its subtly rich taste

Order via Whatsapp: +62811-1793-770




Eighteen Pies

What to try: Chicken Mushroom Pie, Sloppy Joe Pie

What makes this so special: generous savory fillings, so many flavors to try; each flavor is tasty in its own way

Order via Whatsapp: 082225960050




Written by Helena Natasha

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