Coconuts's Best Beauty Reincarnation

Coconuts are more than our beachy best friend. Apparently, coconuts are also our natural beautician.


The bottom line is coconut hydrates us— our skin, our under eye, and even our cuticle. That means, it makes us look younger.




Here are some coconut beauty products we found:

Coconut oil

Precaution: too much use results badly. Think of how much coconut oil you need, then use way less than than that. We’re not kidding. A girl couldn’t get out from her bathtub due to using too much coconut oil. True story. We can laugh from over here, but we can’t imagine the horror if it actually happens to us.

The right way to use this guy:

  • Dab it to your eye bags, lines, and cuticles.  
  • as your waterproof make up remover. You can apply it either with cotton pad or directly to your face.
  • as your body lotion. Review says coconut oil absorbs to your skin fast, so it won’t stains your sheets.
  • as your 20 minutes mouthwash. Celebrity dentist Marc Lowenberg and 3000 year old Indian guys recommend this practice. The dentist said, “(it’s) inexpensive and harmless healing remedy with no downside, scientifically. It's supposed to reduce gum inflammation, bad breath, and your plaque count.“


Coconut oils we found over the net: Utama Spice’s Virgin Coconut Oil, Konut’s extra virgin coconut oil, and All Good’s organic coconut oil for skincare.

Coconut Swanson health produts

Coconut Comfort Cream

If you’re planning on going to somewhere winter, Dr Renaud Coconut Comfort Cream would be your skin’s blessing grace. It moisturizes your skin in winter’s dry air.

Coconut Body Butter

If your skin is dry, try using Body Shop’s Coconut Body Butter. The minerals softens dry skin with its 48hr hydration. This one is also easily absorbed, so it won’t transfer to your clothes.

Coconut Shower Time

This soap bar mixes coconut with mandarin. This shower milk mixes coconut with pineapple. Review says it softens skins and the aroma lasts long.

Written by Helena Natasha

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