Disney Villains

The stories are not what we're told. It depends - which side are you on?
To ourselves, we are the heroes. 
To them, we are the villains.
CRUELLA - What's wrong with having a vision? 
She is a glamorous fashion designer who isn't afraid of going after the things she wants. One day, her employee created something that sparked an even better idea. When an opportunity presents itself, she, being a woman of vision, offered her employee a generous offer. When her employee refused, she didn't stop. Relentless, she's looking for other ways to make her dreams come true. 
URSULA - What's wrong with being bold & ambitious?
After being banished by the king for using her talents, this girl made a living by creating business deals. They called her a "witch." However, she doesn't let it get to her. She owns it even when she suffers. Instead of sulking, she monitors everything, then seizes every opportunity to take the crown and be a queen.
MALEFICENT - What's wrong with being strong?
She is different and powerful. People feared her that they never invited her to anything. Lonely, she fashionably crashed the biggest event of the kingdom, the christening of a princess. Growing tired of the cruel rejections, she stood up for herself by cursing the princess. 
Written by Helena Natasha.

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