Feeling Like You're Not Growing?

2019 is about to expire.


There’s only one month left. December. We all know December doesn’t count. Forget work. We’ll be too wrapped up in holiday season. 


What do you feel about your 2019? Is you 2019 productive? How’s the result? Is it what you hoped for? Do you feel like you can do more?



TIME TO LOOK BACK. Maybe you’re not as “stuck” as you think.


Checking out Instagram every single day, it feels like everybody’s doing better than we do. We often forget that they post don’t tell us the whole story. It’s filtered and edited. The worst thing we can do to to ourself is to compare their best highlight to our bad days.


Instead, think about yourself in January. What did you have right now that you didn’t have in January? What lessons did you learnt along the way? 


Even if you don’t fulfill your goals, small progress is still progress. It might be unseen yet, but this is the thing behind what may seemed like “overnight success.”


You are not stuck. You’re slowly growing. And that’s okay. You’ll make it in your own time.





Now that you know your pace and how reality works (sort of), it’s time to plan ahead. 


Dream big, but be realistic, be specific, and be honest (like don’t say you’d start a clothing line, plan the smallest step, for example:  contact the vendors, contact for friend who have a branding agency. Be honest, if you can’t do it all in one week, don’t plan to do it all in one week). 


If you dream too big, you’d be disappointed if you don’t succeed. Besides, results we hoped are sometimes out of our control. 


An example. Say, you want to create a clothing brand. You did the research, the designs, and basically all the homework. You used your savings to make this work (bye Europe trip). However, when it hits the market, the sales are not what you hoped for. When you ask around, it turns out everyone in the industry is going through this as well. Well, you can’t control the industry.


Another example. Say, you want to get married by 2020. You and the groom is ready. The families are finally on the same page. The vendors are all organized well. However, little that we know, there’s a riot that D-day. We can’t control riot, but we can control how we react.  


The point is: whatever you’re dreaming about, it helps to be aware of the things you can’t control and the things you can actually control. 



GOOD LUCK! We hope by now, you’d know what you achieved and know what to do. We hope this will make you feel better and empowered. 

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