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Remember when veggies were relegated to the side of the plate? Now they’re exalted, becoming the stars of the culinary show, especially in the eyes of chefs. Whether it’s cauliflower “steaks,” mashed veggies beyond potatoes, or spiralized veggie noodles, plants are replacing meat on the plate and becoming signature entrees in their own right.

The movement to “eat your veggies” goes way beyond the produce aisles. Plants are popping up in unexpected places — from vegan nut-based cheeses and yogurts to popsicles. Plants have found their way into body care products, vitamins and skincare, too, with superfoods such as broccoli, kale and acai as key ingredients in vitamin supplements, and quinoa protein being used in hair care products.


Try some restaurants in Jakarta that have gotten the veggie fever:

VMAD (Vegetarian Madness)

This restaurant used to only serve Indian food under the name; Komala’s Indian Vegetarian Restaurant,
until they recently revamped their menu by keeping their Indian specialties, and adding new more crowd friendly vegetarian selections such as burgers, pasta, and pizza. We recommend trying one of their many region-based Indian food like the Punjabi Feast, and North Indian Feast, among others.

Sarinah Building (below Chili’s) Jl. MH Thamrin No.11 Jakarta Pusat 10350
T: +6221 3903533, 72800505 (delivery)

Burgreens Organic Eatery

With the tagline “I taste so naughty but am actually healthy”, Burgreens does not only serve vegetarian food, but it is also one of the few places where you can get organic raw menu such as Tofu Burgreens, Raw Kale Pizza, to Raw Pad Thai. Chef Max Mandias, founder and a certified raw food chef for healing, bases his cooking on nutritional understanding of the alkaline diet, pure raw, and Ayurveda wisdom.

Songolas Space, Jl. Flamboyan no. 19, Rempoa, South Jakarta.
T: +6221-73889164/ +628788 200 5070

Or try creating your own simple plant-based mask:

Make a strawberry face mask. Strawberries contain alpha-hydroxy acid, which sloughs off dead skin cells, and salicylic acid that gets rid of excess oil that cause breakouts.

• Cut one large strawberry in half.
• Rub on the face.
• Leave for 5 minutes.
• Rinse off.

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