Girl Crush: Puddingmilktea

You see her on our page often, the girl who represents Wearstatuquo not only because she has a great fashion sense, but also because of her real personality. Let's get to know Inez, or better known as Puddingmilktea (her Instagram handle) and find out why we are so in love with her!
Describe your style in 3 words: This is a tough one to answer because my style is all a bit over the place. But I guess for the most part: elevated basics: a lot of crop tops, a lot of oversized jackets / blazers, wide-leg jeans, mainly in neutral shades. Sorry that wasn’t three words...
What's being a content creator really like? What are the things you like & the things you don't like about this job? It’s definitely way more challenging than a lot of people make it seem to be, you don’t even want to know what goes behind the scene! Hardest part is definitely keeping yourself on top of your schedule, especially when you are also juggling a full time job, it can be time-consuming and overwhelming at times. When it gets too much and when I start to get sensory overload I always make sure to disconnect a bit and take a short social media break.
The thing I love the most is finding constant inspiration from the whole community! The creative industry is vast and massive and always rapidly growing you’ll always find something new to learn. I have also met so many wonderful people along the way, some of whom actually turn into really good friends, and I’m grateful for that.
What are the things people most people think about you? Are those true? My default face seems to set the wrong first impressions! Everyone is always surprised when they meet me and find out I’m actually a bit chaotic in real life! puddingmilktea is definitely my alter-ego LOL
The best fashion hack you've ever heard I had only recently found out you can use any regular razor to remove pilling on your clothes if you don’t have a fabric shaver! Try it on your old clothes and see if it works!
What's your must-have fashion items during this pandemic? (aside from face masks) Lately I’ve been into knitwear. And also If I feel like dressing down you’ll find me in sweatpants. Comfort over everything else!
Do you have a secret styling / beauty tip? Not everyone can pull off baggy clothes from head-to-toe and still look well put together, myself included. So when it comes to styling, I always make sure to find the right balance between comfort and style. I.e.: pairing a tight top with a pair of wide leg pants, or an oversized long sleeve shirt with denim shorts.
Second thing that helps me a lot is that my whole wardrobe is basically consisted of 4 colors, so everything goes together. 
Beauty tip I swear by: always double cleanse and wear sunscreen every single day! I’m using Biore UV Aqua Rich.
What are your beauty holy grails? Paula's Choice BHA! I used to be a heavy picker and would be so obsessed over any bumps or whiteheads I found, I would subconsciously pick my skin especially my face until it bled. It honestly changed my life in the best possible way.
If you can only wear 1 thing for a whole day, what would it be? Probably an oversized shirt or shacket!
What's your biggest style inspiration?
Street: Elsa Hosk
Red carpet / Event: Zendaya

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