Girlcrush: Arrestabila

A while ago, we’ve got to talk with Abil, a content creator/ fashion enthusiast, about her cool style, her cool feed, and her cool advice. Hear her out: (she’s really cool)  



According to you, who has the best Instagram feed?

I'm following too many interesting Instagram feed but if I had to choose one, that would be @jaimetoutcheztoi! Alice & Js own that IG feed, they're a couple from Paris and remarkably fashionable. Not only they share cool style inspo (plus point, for both men & women), but also a twist of their sweet lovey-dovey life. @luanna90 is also my biggest muse on Instagram!

Out of all OOTD posts you take, which one is your favorite?

This is my favorite OOTD! I like to give a rebel and grunge touch to my look, even when I'm wearing a girly dress. This statement jacket is currently my holy grail fashion item, my best friend painted it for me.



One piece of clothing every girl must invest in:......

When in doubt, just put your LEATHER JACKET on! You'll look effortlessly cool. This one piece does go a long way.

Take a look at our collection on our web. Which outfit do you like the most?

I  love this Millennial Cut Set, so edgy! I'm thinking about team these up with back embroidered leather bomber and chunky boots.

What apps do you use to edit? Which one would you recommend?

Snapseed, to adjust lighting. VSCO for photo filter. Afterlight and Polamatic for frames (see my feed, I'm combining regular square format and polaroid).

Can you share some tips to get a more awesome feed?

Instagram is like your self-branding machine, so be consistent, make interesting content in creative forms (as for me, I've been sticking with my #SquareXfilms feed for 2 years, mostly sharing OOTD inspiration). All in all, stay true to your identity!



Written by Helena Natasha

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